My Favorite Quotes
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 Fred Berkenkamp - “The (symphony) board just decided we didn't have the cash to make payrolls at this point, and we'd better stop.”
 Fred Berkenkamp - “As you know, we have been struggling recently to keep our non-profit symphony orchestra afloat in the midst of a changing community and cultural environment. Symphony operational costs have risen and our donations and sponsorships are down sharply.”
 Fred Berkenkamp - “The symphony has struggled to stay afloat amidst a changing community and cultural environment, and a recent appeal to the community for additional funds resulted in a very limited response. We knew it was time to shut our doors.”
 Fred Berkenkamp - “The West Valley Symphony will be eternally grateful to community members who supported the symphony over its long performing history in the Sun Cities. They are truly angels in our eyes. We only wish the outcome could have been different.”
 Fred Berkenkamp - “The response was very limited, and that was a clear message. Those top donors - and I called many of them - they just felt tapped out.”