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 Silvio Berlusconi - “I don't think the government must take further steps.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “the government will do everything in its power to achieve as soon as possible the release of four Italian citizens held in Iraq.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “As far the government is concerned, we will not cover up anything.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “a habit for me to come pay homage to the president in the Oval Office.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “I am proud for Milan and Inter. I also hope that later we can see an all-Italian final.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “Germany is our most important partner and we hope it will continue to be so, ... There are no particular difficulties or issues that have not been resolved yet.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “I believe that at the end of 2006, our forces will be able to gradually replace the international forces,”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “He is already in Italy. I think he arrived overnight.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “I'm not a traditional politician, and I have a sense of humor. I'll try to soften it and become boring, maybe even very boring, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “by fighting terrorism in all its forms.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “Italy is on the side of the United States and of all those who are committed to the fight against terrorism,”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “in their fight against terrorism.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “The political tradition of ancient thought, filtered in Italy by Machiavelli, says one thing clearly every prince needs allies, and the bigger the responsibility, the more allies he needs.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “deeply shaken by today's tragedy.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “This is a trial only based on invented evidence, ... There is nothing, I repeat, nothing. There is no proof, no documentation, and there is no motive.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “worried about the possible violence.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “The day isn't far in which the citizens, with the vote of which you have so much fear, will take back the power to decide, which you have for so long held hostage,”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “Rasmusen is not just a good colleague, he is also the best looking European prime minister. He looks so good that I'm even considering introducing him to my wife.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “The link between my experience as an entrepreneur and that of a politician is all in one word freedom.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “I think it will be fun. Not just for Milan fans, but for all the fans in Europe and the world that will follow this game.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “Milan have to be Milan and it will be a prestigious evening against Barcelona, between two great teams, I think it will be entertaining, not only for us but all fans over Europe and the world.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “But it is not a question of me. Half of Italy was there. Aren't people worried about this”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “elected by moderate voters who mandated these gentlemen to do the exact opposite of what they're now doing.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “I will try to have greater cordial relations with the United States...because it is thanks to that nation and the young lives it sacrificed that we were liberated from Nazi-Fascism.”
 Silvio Berlusconi - “I have never before read such rubbish in the newspapers as I did this morning ... 'Bush contradicts Berlusconi'. When How About what,”

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