My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Bernardino - “It is a very good group so far. And we are still very active in the recruiting trails -- chasing down a few more recruits -- and we are talking to some very outstanding young men at this point in time.”
 Mark Bernardino - “We've had a very difficult week of training so all in all, I'm pretty pleased with the results. Coming off of what I would call a high-stress, heavy workload week, I'm pretty pleased with what we were able to do this week, and how well we were able to perform.”
 Mark Bernardino - “I am pleased with how they fought back from a very stressful and distressing day number one. I am really pleased with the courage, tenacity and toughness we had mentally to battle our way back from zero points a third of the way through the meet and still finish 18th.”
 Mark Bernardino - “I think we've swum the type of schedule that will allow us to be tough. We've swum the number one team in the country for both genders we've swum the number three team in the country on both genders. Both teams have competed against five or six teams that are ranked in the top 25.”