My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Bernier - “He's played like that the last 20 games of the season. We have only good things to say about him.”
 Steve Bernier - “He's played incredible hockey since I got here. He's totally the leader of this team. He's the guy that everybody looks up to. Everybody looks at his example and follows him.”
 Steve Bernier - “I couldn't ask for a better center my first year. He makes sure I'm always ready, he makes me improve my speed a lot because in practice, I always have to keep up with him.”
 Steve Bernier - “Most of the time the puck doesn't come to you. This time I was lucky.”
 Steve Bernier - “I tried something new. It worked. I'm going to take this one. I don't think I'm going to try that often. Maybe another time later in the year. It was a lucky goal.”
 Sylvie Bernier - “There are so many amazing stories here, I feel sad. They've been training 10, 15 years for this, and it's going to last two weeks. Two, little weeks. I wish they have their time in the sun. We can talk about hockey and all that, but it's important that we realize that these athletes, they really deserve it.”
 Sylvie Bernier - “You can see the excitement on all of the athletes' faces. After years of training and competing, their moment is finally here and we are looking forward to watching Danielle Goyette lead Canada's athletes into the Opening Ceremony.”
 Sylvie Bernier - “We've come a long way. As a woman I'm proud. As the mother of three girls, I'm proud. In 1984 when I was competing, not many girls did a lot of sports. In my hometown there weren't many female athletes training 35 hours a week. Today it's just natural.”
 Steve Bernier - “It's something I don't plan or try very often.”
 Nyck Bernier - “The canceling of the dance was the last straw. The situation goes back to when the University tried to restrict having Allies on campus.”
 Steve Bernier - “For me right now, it's a dream come true. So if I want to play, I have to play good. My confidence is high right now.”
 Steve Bernier - “Everybody knew I had to work on my skating and get my confidence. Playing in the American league is good because you get a lot of ice time and you can improve easily that way. Now I feel more confident, I feel better, but I still have a lot to improve. I can't keep the puck as much as I did in the American league, but I think that will come with time.”
 Sylvie Bernier - “I've always considered it a privilege to serve the Canadian Olympic team in a leadership capacity. I look forward to working closely with the Canadian Olympic Committee over the next two years as we strive to provide optimum support for Canada's athletes and coaches competing in Beijing.”
 Sylvie Bernier - “I believe probably in the next couple of Games, we may not have a choice, because if every country does it, then we may have to do it, but it doesn't mean the results are going to be much better.”
 Nyck Bernier - “It was the failure of the non-discrimination clause. Other Catholic institutions, like Holy Cross, Notre Dame, and Georgetown, have much better clauses. It has nothing to do with our being Catholic it has to do with intolerance.”
 Nyck Bernier - “This resolution is a statement urging the administration to change their views. We're doing everything in our power as a Senate to support the GLC.”