My Favorite Quotes
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 Sanford Bernstein - “Since Sirius has a slight disadvantage to XM in the OEM channel, retail channel must be the greater driver for share gains for Sirius,”
 Jared Bernstein - “American companies really haven't been sinking much of their gains back into domestic investment.”
 Matt Bernstein - “We still have a lot of games left.”
 Ken Bernstein - “If I waited for government to help I'd still be living in a hotel in Oklahoma.”
 Jared Bernstein - “The government should be actively enforcing the high road.”
 Bob Bernstein - “The state system measures growth, while the federal government says if you're not at this status bar then you fail regardless of where you started or how much progress you've made.”
 Jared Bernstein - “I wouldn't be surprised if unemployment held constant or dropped a tenth of a percentage point. But will that signal we're heading back to a healthy labor market No, because the economic fundamentals, in terms of growth, just aren't there.”
 Richard Bernstein - “The market might reward some companies during the second half of 2004 for producing better-than-expected earnings because of the tax windfall, ... but history suggests that the market will penalize those same companies if their earnings decelerate in 2005 from 2004's tax-induced growth.”
 Richard Bernstein - “Lower quality companies are dramatically overstating their growth rates by using pro forma earnings.”
 Jared Bernstein - “Yet this peppering of data notwithstanding, economists are not too sanguine about the immediate prospects for income growth on the bottom rungs of the wage scale. The job market is slowly tightening, ... We are wringing out the slack. But we're only six months into a process that could take a year and a half.”
 Jared Bernstein - “The economy's doing fine, except if you figure in working families, ... We're posting great numbers in aggregate demand, yet the lousiest on record for wage growth.”
 Jared Bernstein - “The economy's doing fine, except if you figure in working families. We're posting great numbers in aggregate demand, yet the lousiest on record for wage growth.”
 Jared Bernstein - “I've been pretty happy to see the pace of job growth in professional services.”
 Lenny Bernstein - “Going into the tournament, we recognized the considerable parity of the top four teams in the conference. So, we looked at it in terms of if we do really well, we could take the whole thing. And on the other hand, if we do really poorly, we could be fourth.”
 Amy Bernstein - “They are really at risk because they are starting to have health problems.”
 Ken Bernstein - “Clearly, these are not the grandiose architectural wonders one would liken to European cathedrals or ornate movie palaces. But they are in many ways just as reflective of our region's unique and diverse architectural history.”
 Richard Bernstein - “History suggests that the most powerful factor influencing the profit cycle is pricing power.”
 Josh Bernstein - “I think its great that so many people are being turned on to exploring history,”
 Jared Bernstein - “Clearly, Katrina hasn't shown up in the jobless claims yet, but it will, ... Next month, we're going to be looking at one of the largest one month negative spikes in the history of this series, going back to the '30s.”
 Harvey Bernstein - “This is the place where you are going to see everything that's brand new - all of the newest products and services for your home.”
 Jodie Bernstein - “We hope Americans continue to use the Internet for truthful information, but we also want them to have their antennas up to be careful about those claims that are exaggerated.”
 Jared Bernstein - “Maybe by the second quarter of next year, we'll be looking at some lower unemployment rate -- say in the 5 to 5.5 percent range, if we're lucky. But that would be the best to hope for, and it's based on our working through these excesses that persist.”
 Bob Bernstein - “Oh, yeah. I get that. People think I did it for the publicity. As much publicity as I'm getting, I'm making no money off of it. I hope people don't think I'm going to be the kind of guy that would do that. My reputation would be clobbered.”
 Peter Bernstein - “Those babies all do well, but they spend an extra couple of days or a week in the hospital.”
 Carl Bernstein - “We had no idea of his motivations. And even now some of his motivations are unclear.”

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