My Favorite Quotes
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 Alan Bersin - “But the tone is entirely constructive. No one thought the 4.3 billion increase is a figure to be sneezed at.”
 Josh Bersin - “The most surprising finding in this survey is the large amount of time executives spend searching for information. At today's executive salary levels, four hours of search time can cost companies 1,000 or more per week -- not including the cost of lost opportunities, delayed decisions, or other work not completed. If you apply this estimated figure to Fortune 500 companies, the money spent adds up to 60M each year.”
 Alan Bersin - “We need new classrooms in places, notably in Los Angeles, where the civic disgrace of overcrowded schools must be dealt with.”
 Alan Bersin - “We agreed to disagree. We continue to disagree about the schedule, timing and amounts in the past but agreed to continue to talk about it.”
 Josh Bersin - “Our mission with this study was to launch an annual, objective evaluation of this important technology category. We wanted to give potential buyers insight into the factors that most significantly influence implementation success and long-term satisfaction so they can improve their decision making processes. The study also provides vendors with direct feedback on strengths and areas where improvements can be made.”
 Alan Bersin - “I think it was consistent with the spirit of the meeting that we are seeking common ground and recognizing those areas that we continue to disagree.”
 Alan Bersin - “What this budget does is express (Schwarzenegger's) best judgment of how all the competing needs of California can be met, and in this case, provide a very large increase in education funding.”
 Alan Bersin - “What this budget does is express (Schwarzenegger's) best judgment of how all the competing needs of California can be met and in this case provide a very large increase in education funding. What he also understands is that his process requires a long and detail discussion with the Legislature, which he is eager to engage.”
 Alan Bersin - “This is an area where we know if we build school cultures and communities of learning and we provide resources to attract teachers and retain them - and it's not only money, but money is one of those elements - if we provide excellent principals and terrific leadership at schools, students will benefit.”
 Alan Bersin - “That is part of the ongoing discussion and the agreement to disagree.”
 Josh Bersin - “The highest, most mature level of corporate learning is learning on demand. While executives would never use this phrase, that's exactly the way they learn. They want the ability to obtain highly specific, relevant information whenever and wherever it's needed. Companies should factor this need into the learning resources made available to their senior executives.”
 Josh Bersin - “Our research-based approach distinguishes the Learning Leaders Program from other industry recognition programs. The benchmark criteria that will be used to evaluate submissions is based on years of quantitative and qualitative research and endorsed by our panel of senior industry advisors. Our research database, by far the largest and most comprehensive source of information related to enterprise learning, gives us the ability to rigorously assess organizations against peer performance in more than 21 different dimensions.”