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 David Berson - “The bulk of the decline in home sales this year will come from investors leaving the housing market. If home price gains have peaked, as we expect, and financing is more expensive, investors are going to find someplace else to put their money.”
 Gary Roberson - “And besides, Geneva was here. I love history.”
 John Roberson - “I couldn't have landed in a better situation. I love these guys and I'm glad I'm at Plano. It's going to be an honor to go and represent Plano.”
 Jay Roberson - “We need better information on survival rates and recruitment rates of mourning doves. But we have to look at the availability and efficiency of non-toxic shot.”
 John Culberson - “The sheriffs are completely outnumbered and outgunned. And we don't have enough border patrol agents.”
 John Culberson - “The border sheriffs are locally elected. They're accountable. They know the territory and the people. And they can respond the most quickly to what is a real national security emergency, because the border is unprotected.”
 John Culberson - “Give the sheriffs and our border patrol and law enforcement the money and troops they need to get out there and enforce law and order.”
 John Culberson - “Federal authorities do not have the manpower or the resources to protect America's international borders.”
 John Culberson - “Extremely violent and dangerous criminal gangs like MS-13 and drug smugglers are crossing our southern borders in growing numbers.”
 Gary Roberson - “Everything else is a big warehouse or fast food. The food is home-made. But we will also have our food out in a reasonable amount of time.”
 John Roberson - “Part of our adoption program is letting the prospective owner come here and spend time with the horse so we can see how he reacts with and treats the animal.”
 Roy Culberson - “I thought we had a great turnout. We were hoping for about 1,000-1,500, but it's the first time we've had something like this on campus. We might tweak a few things next year, but we're looking forward to doing something like this again.”
 Jay Roberson - “Mourning doves are ground feeders. They also are sight feeders, picking up visible seeds. They don't scratch or dig. When snow covers a field, they have a hard time foraging.”
 John Culberson - “Eligible citizens from any State in the Union can serve in the Border Protection Corps of that State.”
 John Culberson - “I'm going to vote in support of the president of the United States in keeping the troops in Iraq until the president and our military is convinced that the mission is complete.”
 Ernie Roberson - “Obviously, the people of New Orleans have not registered anywhere else. That's the story. They want to vote, and they have the feeling that New Orleans is still home, and that's where they want to associate their lives.”
 Gary Roberson - “I never worked in a restaurant before. But I love to experiment and I always watch the food shows for ideas. But I still think food is at its best when it's just good food.”
 Jay Roberson - “One problem is that it may not show up in dead birds in the field because they get weak and picked of by predators.”
 David Berson - “I was surprised that the sales numbers went up, even with the good weather. It doesn't change our view that the general trend in housing activity is downward.”
 Roy Roberson - “They have a very good post player, a 6-8 kid. We played them two years ago in the state quarterfinals and beat them in a close game. We'll have our hands full.”
 Roy Roberson - “As long as Jacob is still 6-2 or 6-3, he'll be undersized. Two years from now, that'll be him doing the bruising.”
 David Berson - “At some point in the future, California probably will have another big housing recession. It is possible at that point that prices will fall meaningfully, as in the past they have done. That is clearly a negative for people who own homes. But for those who don't own homes, that will ... give them a pretty good chance to buy in the next up-cycle.”
 Martin Berson - “People come to yoga to find themselves. Stretching releases tension, but theres also a meditative, spiritual aspect. ..You are going to get physical benefits, and thats fine. But if you have the right teacher, youre going to get all the other stuff, too.”
 Jay Roberson - “There are some studies going on now in Missouri on penned birds where they were fed a certain number of lead shot. They've found that if they ingest even a small number of shot, they have a very low survival rate.”
 Ernie Roberson - “That was just another urban myth.”

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