My Favorite Quotes
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 Scott Bertoli - “I thought Wednesday was rock bottom. Apparently, it can get worse.”
 Scott Bertoli - “Whatever were doing, its just not working. It is what it is. Its seldom we show up and play for 60 minutes. Maybe were just not good enough to push the tempo of the game for 60 minutes. If youre not skilled enough, or you dont have enough good skaters, then youre not going to be able to do it consistently.”
 Scott Bertoli - “Right now, that's the kind of game we need to play. We need to play low-scoring games. We don't have the horses to score four or five goals, but I like our chances if we keep it close.”
 Scott Bertoli - “Were a fragile group with very little confidence. Thats why you lose eight games in a row -- because you dont have the confidence. The only thing thats going to change that is winning a game.”