My Favorite Quotes
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 Karim Bertoni - “They have an opportunistic approach to the U.S.. They buy banks in the rich, western states, such as Hawaii, they look for franchises they can improve and don't pay too much for them.”
 Karim Bertoni - “This is very much at the start-up phase, where investment costs are more significant than revenue. In the long term, it may be possible to boost revenue once the technology improves.”
 Karim Bertoni - “Shell's results were a bit below expectations. Oil's retreat yesterday is weighing on the industry as well.”
 Karim Bertoni - “Management forecasts of slower growth in sales and orders in the second part of the year are hurting the stock. There are also additional restructuring costs that weren't expected.”
 Karim Bertoni - “Following the acquisition, Reebok's clients have to get used to a different company, and so in the short term they may prefer to cut their orders.”
 Karim Bertoni - “Sometimes there are bad surprises like Swiss Re. There's been some locking in of profits but company results remain good.”