My Favorite Quotes
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 Ernie Bertrand - “Considering we have not played in two weeks, I thought it was not bad. It feels good to get a win.”
 Ernie Bertrand - “Gary showed signs of being good. He's not the fastest guy, but he's strong and will lower his shoulder right before making contact to and gain a couple of extra yards. His time will come.”
 Ernie Bertrand - “I was worried about the amount of rain we might get. Mr. Cooley (EBHS Principal) and I got in touch with Pickering and they agreed to play Thursday.”
 Ernie Bertrand - “This will give us an indication on our district. Our district is going to be and uphill battle to climb.”
 Frankie Bertrand - “You see them clear the land for a subdivision one day, then you see roofs and then they're full. It is not taking years, it is happening practically overnight.”
 Frankie Bertrand - “We can't forget the size of our medical community. We are becoming a major health care provider. It is not just the two hospitals - we are seeing a lot of specialists moving into our area.”
 Frankie Bertrand - “We have been seeing this movement for some time now - our hotels are full, our restaurants, the track is doing great business and not just from locals. We are seeing a lot of people from outside our area coming here. They are shopping in our stores, buying gas at our stations.”
 Russell Bertrand - “America... where law and custom alike Are based upon the dreams of spinsters.”