My Favorite Quotes
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 Tony Bethel - “They weren't giving us many. But the ones they did give, we didn't knock down. And it hurt us.”
 Tony Bethel - “I think it comes from great offense. If they don't give us that, somebody will have a wide-open basket at the rim.”
 Tony Bethel - “We knew he was a good shooter. Because of their offense, their guards are going to get open looks. He knocked down some tough ones.”
 Tony Bethel - “That shows we took the heart out of them. They're a good team, but we didn't expect them to play like that down the stretch.”
 Tony Bethel - “When I let it go, I thought all my shots were going in. I'm just going to keep shooting the ball and I'm going to leave it at that.”
 Don Bethel - “We've had 16 dress rehearsals up until this point. Tonight was show time and act one, so we have to finish the entire play and if you play bad you could get booted from the stage.”
 Rick Bethel - “We've got 29 kids on the team and that's the most we've had in a long time. There's 29 and 18 of them scored, so we've got a lot of depth.”
 Tony Bethel - “The last couple of practices have been well. Our team togetherness is there. Guys understand what's at stake here.”
 Tony Bethel - “We have to buckle down and make the corrections.”
 Tony Bethel - “That's what was open. Guys were able to get by their man and make plays, or get a foul called.”
 Tony Bethel - “We were just out of sync. We just didn't make the plays we needed to win.”
 Tony Bethel - “In watching the tapes, I wasn't down in the stance on some of the shots I missed that I needed to make. That's what helped me tonight. Once I get in a groove, I close my eyes and shoot it sometimes.”
 Tony Bethel - “It gives us some extra confidence that is sort of hidden behind the fact that we are getting these wins. We know that we can play way better and we just go to practice, listen to coach and get better and better.”
 Tony Bethel - “This is exactly what we didn't want to have happen. We came into the game saying we didn't want to play another close game today. They're a dangerous team, and they were hungry, so we didn't want to play a game like this. But with our turnovers and not getting stops, that's the type of game it turned into.”
 Rick Bethel - “She has been a surprise in the middle distance and distance events.”
 Don Bethel - “I am proud of all of my kids. This was a heck of a softball game, and give St. C. credit because they are much improved from when we played them early in the season, but I am happy with how we fought back twice.”
 Rick Bethel - “We had a few problems early in practice. We've had a few injuries and some sickness. It was a real credit to the girls tonight. They came out and ran well.”
 Don Bethel - “This was definitely a tough one to lose. It was a well-played game and Martins Ferry deserves all of the credit because they hit the ball, it wasn't like we booted it around.”
 Don Bethel - “You have to credit (Martins Ferry) hitters. Katy pitched six strong innings, but it's a seventh inning game. She's still young and she'll be back, and we'll be back.”
 Tony Bethel - “He came in the next day and had his best practice of the year. He was the best player on the court that day.”
 Rick Bethel - “I think preparation is probably the greatest anxiety release. If they're really prepared they're going to respond more favorably to the exams.”