My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Betker - “In the fourth quarter, I thought we did a nice job, but we have to play with that sense of urgency from the get-go for 32 minutes. The better team won tonight.”
 Jim Betker - “There's a rule that says you cannot change jerseys in front of the bench. Their kid changed his jersey three times and we thought we were going to get six free throws. But there was only one technical called.”
 Jim Betker - “That is just a credit to the kids' determination. They fought and they fought and they found a way to get back in the game.”
 Jim Betker - “We worked tremendously hard in our half-court defense and had everyone accounted for. Ultimately, we well as we played on defense, we turned the ball over ... and didn't convert our free throws.”
 Jim Betker - “It's hard to win games when you're at the line and you don't convert.”
 Jim Betker - “It obviously will be a great game. I'm sure both teams will bring their best games. It should be a classic game.”
 Jim Betker - “We just beat a very good Case basketball team. They are tough and I wouldn't be surprised if we see them again down the road.”