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 Jerome Bettis - “I believe in this city and its future.”
 Jerome Bettis - “It's just great that we're able to win and give him another crack at that elusive Super Bowl ring.”
 Jerome Bettis - “I went to Charlie and said, 'Give it to me, look it all the way in, follow me as I go through, and I'll do the rest,”
 Jerome Bettis - “I was a spectator out there, ... I can't give you much more than that.”
 Jerome Bettis - “There was a possibility I could have played against New England, but we had a bye week after that, and they wanted to give me another two weeks. It turned out to be the best call.”
 Jerome Bettis - “Give 110 percent. And get me home.”
 Jerome Bettis - “It's a tough one to swallow because you feel you had the game in hand and you couldn't get it done.”
 Jerome Bettis - “I feel so bad for him. He knew this was coming, but you hate to see it happen during Super Bowl week. He's not even going to get to enjoy it.”
 Jerome Bettis - “You ask why have the Pittsburgh Steelers been a physical, smash-mouth type of a team for so long. I think it's because the team takes the identity of its head coach. He looks for tough players. He looks for physical players. And he doesn't settle for anything less.”
 Jerome Bettis - “That was definitely satisfying, ... But at the end of the year, you don't look at that. You look at your health and say, 'Man, I don't know if I can do this again.'”
 Jerome Bettis - “The script right now, if you took it to Hollywood they'd turn it down, saying it couldn't happen.”
 Jerome Bettis - “I think the biggest thrill I've had is seeing guys and girls and kids and grandmothers and grandfathers wearing my 36 jersey. That's an honor for me because you can pick anybody's jersey to wear.”
 Jerome Bettis - “I hope they appreciate me, because we just brought a championship home. One for the Thumb”
 Jerome Bettis - “From a gaming standpoint, I have no interest and don't want any interest. I would hope we get a revitalized city.”
 Jerome Bettis - “Did Lambert hurt his Achilles”
 Jerome Bettis - “I thought it might be my Achilles' tendon, ... And when I got to the bench the trainers right away thought it was my Achilles'. I was worried there for a bit. I hear that's how a lot of Achilles' injuries happen, by just taking a step. I thought it was over.”
 Jerome Bettis - “I guess they thought it was only fitting that on the road back to Detroit for everyone to wear Jerome's Notre Dame jersey.”
 Jerome Bettis - “It's better than I ever thought it would be.”
 Jerome Bettis - “I thought it all added up when Super Bowl 36 was at our doorstep. It was the AFC championship and it was in New Orleans, Super Bowl 36. It didn't happen.”
 Jerome Bettis - “Detroit was always in the back of my mind since we lost in the AFC championship game last year. I thought we could get there and I knew if we didn't turn the ball over we had a great chance.”
 Jerome Bettis - “Of course, it crossed my mind. But that thought was short-lived. Fortunately, it's not (my last play).”
 Jerome Bettis - “I've been a Tigers fan all my time. I try to represent the Tigers every chance I get, so I'm always wearing my Detroit hat. People in Pittsburgh are a little upset about that.”
 Jerome Bettis - “The layoffs will be a part of every major city's redevelopment. There will be bumps in the road, like in any major city. It's unfortunate it came at this time, and dampens the party. But you try to put the best face on that you can.”
 Jerome Bettis - “Here we go, Pittsburgh We set out a long time ago to bring this back home to Pittsburgh. You all believed in us, believed we could get it done. This is ours, but this is also yours. Every one of you.”
 Jerome Bettis - “We set out a long time ago to bring this back home to Pittsburgh. You all believed in us, believed we could get it done. I'm just so thankful for everything that this city has been able to give me. I'm just so happy we were able to give this city the one for the thumb.”

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