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 Jerome Bettis - “I'm a champion. I think the Bus' last stop is here in Detroit. It's official, like the referee whistle.”
 Jerome Bettis - “It's been an incredible ride. Mission accomplished. With that, I have to bid farewell. I'm the happiest person in the world right now...It's better than I ever thought it would be.”
 Jerome Bettis - “I'm a champion. I think the Bus' last stop is here in Detroit. It's official, like the referee whistle. It's amazing. It's truly an amazing feeling. I'm the happiest person on the field, the happiest person in the world. We're the champions of the world and they can't take this away from us. It's all over. There aren't any games left. It's an unbelievable moment.”
 Jerome Bettis - “It makes it all worthwhile. It makes everything we had to go through as a team and everything I had to go through personally during the course of my career all worth it.”
 Jerome Bettis - “People count them out every time they play a worthy opponent and they find a way to beat them, and you have to respect that.”
 Jerome Bettis - “The second year, people outside your city recognize your face. 'I can pick Brett Favre out of a lineup.' The third year, people know your issues and character. 'Hey, Brett Favre , heart of a champion.' That third year, people start to describe you as a person as opposed to a football player. But remember, that's three years of staying at a very high level with your play.”
 Jerome Bettis - “You're truly a star after you've been able to do whatever it is that you do for at least three years,”
 Jerome Bettis - “That's the greatest feeling in the world, to hold that Lombardi Trophy, not because someone gave it to you, but because you earned it you won it. It's a feeling I've been waiting for for 13 years and I'm just happy I got to hoist that trophy and bring it back to Pittsburgh.”
 Jerome Bettis - “It's the reason why I started 13 years ago on this quest, to win a championship. Along the way, I amassed a lot of yards, a lot of Pro Bowls, but none of that was significant because it wasn't the team goal.”
 Jerome Bettis - “The alternative to all this is that I could be at home watching, and for a lot of years I have been watching. So this is a good problem to have.”
 Jerome Bettis - “He's the reason we're here. He's a young guy who is wise beyond his years, and he's played like it.”
 Jerome Bettis - “I had to quit cold turkey three years ago. I was up all night, all day. I just realized that, hey, I've got to do some other things with my time. It can be an addiction, man.”
 Jerome Bettis - “The one thing is that, on the road, we've been really, really good the last couple of years. It's something we can take as a positive.”
 Jerome Bettis - “I think the biggest thing was understanding what we are going into. I think not playing in a dome for so many years, it really rattled us. We understood it was going to be loud and you can't do anything about it but play through it.”
 Jerome Bettis - “No question. I felt, a couple of those years, we had the best team, that was the sad part. All three years, I felt we had the better team (better than the three eventual Super Bowl winners).”
 Gladys Bettis - “It's almost indescribable. To come home, and to see the people treat him the way they have, it just blows me away. The people have shown him that he's still No. 1 in the city. It was just heartwarming.”
 Gladys Bettis - “What the Rams did to him was wrong. It isn't that they traded him. But they put the word out that he was a bad guy in an attempt to justify the trade. But it took people in Pittsburgh about five minutes to realize it was untrue. But Jerome was miserable over what happened in St. Louis, until he had a chance to get out there and prove the Rams wrong.”
 Jerome Bettis - “I thought it could've been pretty serious because I felt some pain in there, ... But as these days have gone, it's felt progressively better. That's definitely a good sign.”
 Jerome Bettis - “Everyone in this organization wanted to get this one for you all.”
 Jerome Bettis - “Exactly. The ring is symbolic of each championship, so you get five diamonds because we have five championships as an organization. So, it's going to be a pretty big ring.”
 Jerome Bettis - “I really did not want to put pressure in his mind to do anything out of the ordinary.”
 Jerome Bettis - “It gives us a lot of optimism because we know that he's here. All of that other stuff is behind us, and it's a shot of adrenaline for him to be here.”
 Jerome Bettis - “I am looking forward to this new opportunity and to still be involved in the game I love.”
 Jerome Bettis - “That's a great question. I'm going to look at it. The last thing I want to do is diminish anything by even thinking about that. This is a great opportunity we have. I'm going to wait until after the Super Bowl and think about it.”
 Jerome Bettis - “I've been on the losing side of quite a few of these. That's what's driving me more than anything, not that the Super Bowl is in Detroit. It's an opportunity for us to do something we haven't done. We've been in this situation before and we lost.”

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