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 Jerome Bettis - “The first year, you're a fish out of water you have no idea of the offense. Year two, you know the offense, you're comfortable. Now you can see the confidence come out, so now you see an athlete look like a totally different football player because they've got confidence, they're playing with authority and they understand where they need to be. So it's not so much that they get better in terms of talent, but you can see the talent.”
 Jerome Bettis - “You assume we're going overtime. I wasn't down. I was getting ready to go. When I saw (the kick) go wide right, it was incredible.”
 Jerome Bettis - “You'd have to assume that he'll stay in the lineup. He gives this offense a big-play dimension in the running game that it has never had.”
 Jerome Bettis - “The coaches are doing a great job with that, ... My job is to give him a little bit of the nuances of what he's going to see, some of the pre-snap reads and just some small things that give him an opportunity to be successful just kind of ease that anxiety level as well.”
 Jerome Bettis - “Because I'm in the game, it gives me a medium to really talk about Detroit. I think it's great. If I'm the ambassador, I'm willing to carry that flag because I love the city.”
 Gladys Bettis - “We went to every game because we were afraid that somebody wouldn't have an inhaler there when he needed it.”
 Gladys Bettis - “At first, we went to every game because he has asthma and we were afraid that somebody wouldn't have an inhaler. We stopped carrying the inhalers when he went to college because the training staff took care of that, but we've kept following him from coast to coast every step of the way.”
 Jerome Bettis - “Bowling was my first love. Beating my mother for the first time when I was 13 or 14 was a major accomplishment. I had big glasses. I was a pretty smart kid, maybe nerdy, but I always had a good street sense.”

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