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 Bruce Betts - “Pulse lasers allow the sending of very bright light very far, very quickly.”
 Josh Betts - “I know they had some questions with their (defensive) line, and I thought they did a great job.”
 Ladell Betts - “I thought it was just a bruise, ... I figured I'd be able to shake it off. But it didn't get any better, so we X-rayed it at halftime. . . . We'll just have to see how long it takes to heal. They didn't tell me.”
 Josh Betts - “They showed us a couple different things we hadn't seen... and it took a little bit of time to get into our rhythm.”
 Josh Betts - “It made it not look as bad, I guess, ... I think if we had a little more time, we could have had a better outcome, or better score at least.”
 Ladell Betts - “If we get that going, then we'll be moving the ball effectively and taking some time off the clock as well.”
 Ladell Betts - “To be honest, at the time I knew I was on the edge. I was surprised when I looked at the screen to see how close it was.”
 Ladell Betts - “The only time I saw the replay was on the big screen in the stadium,”
 Dave Tibbetts - “That's something that will never be added as inexpensively as it will be at that time.”
 Josh Betts - “I was trying to put it outside, but it got inside a little bit. I knew when I let it go that it was trouble.”
 Dave Tibbetts - “Having a couple of inches of a step down is huge for practical reasons. If the deck and the porch are at the same height, water can seep in.”
 Roland Betts - “In addition to the world watching, the world is participating.”
 Roland Betts - “It doesn't matter if the firms that respond are the largest or the most best-known around the world. We are looking for excitement, creativity, energy.”
 Dave Tibbetts - “People are more savvy than ever. They aren't too interested in a 10-by-10 deck. A lot of people don't lay out in the sun like they did in the '70s. They want to feel like they're in the yard, without the bugs.”
 Eric Betts - “They are continuing to do what they have done successfully over a number of years, so it seems to be a positive deal.”
 Ladell Betts - “You definitely see what goes on around the league. That's why I keep preparing myself. But right now I'm a Redskin, and I enjoy being a Redskin, and hopefully I'll continue to be a Redskin for my whole career. I just keep preparing myself in case I do have to be the number one guy.”
 Ladell Betts - “I just keep preparing myself like I'm the number one guy,”
 Bruce Betts - “We are going from looking at a few stars a night to an all-sky survey where over a year we will search the entire northern hemisphere.”
 Bruce Betts - “The opening of this telescope represents one of those rare moments in a field of scientific endeavor when a great leap forward is enabled.”
 Roland Betts - “We're going to develop a variety of options that will mix commercial and retail space on the site -- that is, move away from to some degree, the 11 million square feet of commercial space and the half million square feet of retail space that was in the original plan.”
 Roland Betts - “No plan, in its current configuration, is perfect.”
 Leslie Betts - “They're supposed to be soft and gooey and chewy. At most places you buy them, they're hard as a rock.”
 Eric Betts - “The earnings picture looks good, especially on the resources side.”
 Josh Betts - “We're really concentrating on the deep ball, ... The emphasis is on stretching the field. I'm also working on recognizing defenses quicker and cutting down on turnovers.”
 Roland Betts - “The decision was pre-emptive. That's just fundamentally wrong.”

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