My Favorite Quotes
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 Pradeep Bhandari - “The textiles sector looks promising and glamorous now, so there is a lot of investor interest, both locally and from overseas.”
 Pradeep Bhandari - “Opportunity is knocking, but we don't know how much of it we'll grab.”
 Shailendra Bhandari - “The idea is to target the hard-core middle class customer. Wealth management is a serious opportunity for us, as Indians become financially more mature.”
 Pradeep Bhandari - “Till now about 60 per cent of Be products catered to women. We plan to increase the share of women's wear to about 75 per cent.”
 Shailendra Bhandari - “We are looking at ways of scaling up the SME business, either through partnerships or otherwise.”
 Shailendra Bhandari - “The merger with Bank of Punjab has brought new business lines, especially in its SME (small and medium enterprises) portfolio, and increased our low-cost retail deposit base.”
 Shailendra Bhandari - “The high interest margin was largely because of the retail nature of our business. But we also wanted to increase the fee-based income of the bank.”