My Favorite Quotes
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 Uma Bharti - “The five pledges will decide the future course of Indian politics.”
 Uma Bharti - “India has become a soft target for Islamic fundamentalists. Moreover, the Uttar Pradesh government has a soft stance towards fundamentalists. It could have acted after the intelligence report but it did not.”
 Uma Bharti - “Those who expelled me from the party, they themselves don't belong to it. They don't believe in its ideology, they don't believe in Lord Ram. They want to tread the same path that we detested. They think that they would not get anything by devoting themselves to Lord Ram, but they'll definitely succeed by praising Jinnah.”
 Uma Bharti - “This is not good and it is not good for the party's image. The stand, which the BJP has taken on the issue of lawmakers who were caught taking money on television for asking questions, is not right. It will dent the party's image.”
 Uma Bharti - “One may reject such proposals as something that will hurt merit but the ground reality is students from such sections do not have the same access to quality education that rich students enjoy.”
 Uma Bharti - “I declare I will never return to it. I have no intention of doing so and nobody should even dream about it. I will root this gang out of Indian politics. I will ideologically expose them. They will shiver in their legs. They are foreign elements, but I will not make any personal attacks.”
 Uma Bharti - “BJP should shun personality-oriented politics and return to value based politics.”
 Uma Bharti - “We will not tolerate any harassment of the other community.”