My Favorite Quotes
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 Aphaluck Bhatiasevi - “Today, we saw a son who was extremely distressed at the guilt he feels for not having been able to save his father from the force of the tsunami. Such people urgently need a support system to help them cope with this traumatic experience.”
 Aphaluck Bhatiasevi - “We'll likely see more cases this coming winter. It's not surprising. If there are more outbreaks, it means there is the likelihood of transmissions to humans.”
 Aphaluck Bhatiasevi - “There is a likelihood that they were exposed to infected poultry but there were no obvious signs of large poultry die-offs to indicate that poultry in those areas had been infected.”
 Aphaluck Bhatiasevi - “China has learned from the SARS experience and has been more open and more willing to respond to disease outbreaks.”