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 Samir Bhavnani - “There is a lot of positive growth in the first quarter, but since the marketing plans of all these manufacturers were tied into Vista, they need to revisit these plans.”
 Samir Bhavnani - “Every holiday season there are the top five hot items, and one of those items this year would have been a Windows Vista PC. Now that's off the list and it leaves room for, maybe, a wide-screen television.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “One of the reasons they wanted to keep the IBM people is that ThinkPad had the best reputation in the industry. They're the Mercedes of PCs.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “They're in a time of transition, and what they really need to do this year is sell products to small and medium businesses. Now, they don't really have products out there yet for that target market.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “Apple stands for something. It's very rare for somebody to be able to sustain that through such a long time. And they went through some very severe down times.”
 Samir Bhavnani - “It is huge, because often times what we find is that where consumers go, businesses follow.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “There has always been a trade off between battery life and performance, and while dual core doesn't close the gap, it significantly narrows it.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “This is not good news at all for the Palm OS, ... adding Windows to the platform is a huge win for Palm. It will vastly increase Palms opportunities in the corporate space.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “Today's news was basically an expansion of Apple's digital home strategy. In the 1980s, Sony had a stronghold in terms of consumer electronics. Now Apple is doing the same thing.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “Notebooks are reaching the maturity that desktops reached a few years ago.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “It's an uphill battle, but they seem poised to be able to do it. And the reason I say that is they have a strong management team in place.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “Nobody buys traditional handhelds anymore. The entire market underwent a paradigm shift. The mass adoption of cell phones eliminated the need for basic PIM (personal information management) functionality from a Palm Pilot.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “Nobody buys traditional handhelds anymore, ... The entire market underwent a paradigm shift. The mass adoption of cell phones eliminated the need for basic PIM (personal information management) functionality from a Palm Pilot.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “It's kind of like signing a top pitcher from another team. For Dell, it's definitely a loss. It's not just that he retired, he went to the top competitor.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “Creative is refocusing their efforts from higher-end computers to the mobile market, which they believe is going to be moving much faster.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “This is a big downer for retailers and for computer manufacturers because they were all looking forward to having something new to sell this holiday.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “Microsoft really dropped the ball on this one. There are significant negative ripples that will be felt throughout the personal computer industry.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “It's going to impact retailers, chip manufacturers, and computer manufacturers. It's really going to hurt consumer-focused PC makers. If you're a PC maker and you have all your eggs in the consumer market, your sales over the holiday season are likely to be less than you expected.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “Dell has not seen the success in China that it's seen in the U.S., and now its top two China guys are gone. It's a crushing blow for Dell in Asia in the same way Johnny Damon signing with the Yankees hurts the Red Sox's chances this year.”
 Sam Bhavnani - “I could see this being used more by business users than casual users,”
 Sam Bhavnani - “Were seeing a fundamental shift in consumer buying behavior. We expect this trend to continue as 2006 will give the mass market dual-core processors and 64-bit capabilities.”
 Samir Bhavnani - “At the end of the day, consumers will decide whether the device will make their lives easier. If the answer is yes, then they'll add it to their repertoire.”