My Favorite Quotes
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 Nehal Bhuta - “It is notable that the judge has succeeded in getting (the defendants) to address the issues in the case to greater degree.”
 Nehal Bhuta - “What we saw today was not Saddam admitting guilt, but admitting to the fact that he acted in accordance with his official duties and powers.”
 Nehal Bhuta - “It's the kind of information necessary for a trial like this. They are attempting to make a link.”
 Nehal Bhuta - “The testimonies we have heard so far are moving but they are not enough and that's causing us concern.”
 Nehal Bhuta - “I remain concerned that, as yet, we have not been presented with evidence that traces the chain of command and establishes the specific role of each defendant.”
 Nehal Bhuta - “These kinds of trials are generally trial by documents, especially as you go up the chain of command.”
 Nehal Bhuta - “The is a positive step because it strengthens the ability of the defense to be effective.”