My Favorite Quotes
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 Chet Bialicki - “The MFT intern program has resulted in considerable cost savings to the district while at the same time providing excellent services.”
 Chet Bialicki - “State mediation of a proposed educational plan usually becomes necessary only when there was a breakdown in communications.”
 Chet Bialicki - “Through the MFT program we started four years ago, we have been able to provide early intervention for students and families in crisis, before mental health issues become a serious problem.”
 Chet Bialicki - “I love that kids come into my office just to talk or ask to use my computer. I wake up every morning saying that I'm just so lucky. I love what I do.”
 Chet Bialicki - “I learned a long time ago that no one can change another person's behavior, but we can give them the tools, resources, and understanding to change their own behavior.”