My Favorite Quotes
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 George Bicher - “First Union doesn't have much of a currency to get into a bidding contest.”
 George Bicher - “This is a very good deal for Citigroup. This deal doesn't change the world. But it has pretty attractive terms and it solidifies our earnings expectations for Citigroup.”
 George Bicher - “This will be a soap opera, with no one writing the script - stay tuned.”
 George Bicher - “It doesn't mean something can't be orchestrated behind the scenes. This will be decided in the court of public opinion.”
 George Bicher - “When I look at the list, Chase is running the company. Chase paid a lot for J.P. Morgan and it's theirs to run.”
 George Bicher - “You have a guy running equities who is from Chase, but one of the reasons Chase bought Morgan was for equities.”
 George Bicher - “That bank is going to be able to offer other things in terms of insurance, savings products and accounts that combine investing products and bank products.”