My Favorite Quotes
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 Toby Bickel - “That was very significant. There were two or three times where she put her head down and went to the basket. We've been telling her to do that for three years. It worked -- she got to the line and hit a few buckets. That was big. We struggled in the first half.”
 Toby Bickel - “They doubled her and ran people at her. When she went inside out we didn't hit the shots. They weren't going to let her get 20. We talked to the others about stepping up.”
 Toby Bickel - “It was no consolation to come back from that big deficit. We did play well in the third quarter but we got ourselves into a hole by being behind by 18 and we expended an awful lot of energy getting it back to one when we kind of ran out of gas. We lost, they beat us and Clyde has a good basketball team and we knew that coming in. Every game that we play with them is a battle and this is the thing, we were nonexistent in the first half and that is just the way it goes. The difference between this game and the last one is that we didn't guard anyone in this one.”
 Toby Bickel - “We have to get her into game shape. She was on crutches last week. I wasn't sure how far I wanted to push. She's not afraid to go to the basket and at that point we needed it.”