My Favorite Quotes
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 Vince Bicocca - “The great thing about dual tournaments is that everyone gets five matches. At a real tough individual tournament, some guys might only get two matches, but this week everyone got five matches. It's good for conditioning and it's also great for team camaraderie.”
 Vince Bicocca - “I think it was a great experience for the young kids and the experienced kids. It's an excellent tournament. It's a great chance for them to see people from all over and see all these different styles and trends.”
 Vince Bicocca - “We don't have a lot of depth and we're very young. We lost a lot of starters, so our success this year in league will depend on how quickly our young wrestlers mature.”
 Vince Bicocca - “The attendance is usually at its highest when everyone knows it will be a close match. There's been years where had to delay the start of match because there were so many people in line waiting to get in.”
 Vince Bicocca - “It gets so intense when the kids are out there alone in front of the whole crowd. That's what I think makes it the best rivalry. It's a team sport, but each match is one-on-one.”
 Vince Bicocca - “It was a real disappointing loss for the kids. We expected to win going in. It's just a tough loss when it comes down to one point. There are so many different things to look at, but Bret Harte deserves credit. They wrestled really well.”
 Vince Bicocca - “I don't think we had the intensity that Central Catholic had. We were on the downside of losing Thursday night and (Central) had never won a title before. They were hungry.”
 Vince Bicocca - “Some of my big guys were giving up 40 pounds in some cases. Bigger schools usually have more big kids to pick from. They will be the ones who benefit from this.”