My Favorite Quotes
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 Jay Bilas - “As good as I thought they were going to be, and I thought they would be in the NCAA tournament, I didn't think they were going to be this good. I didn't think they were going to be this mature, this polished and this resilient.”
 Jay Bilas - “Squeaky, he can take the ball from anybody. They play all-out all the time. They create havoc.”
 Jay Bilas - “It's inexplicable. But it's been really fun to watch.”
 Jay Bilas - “No. 1, there are not as many quality big guys now. What passes for a center now could be 6-8, where 20 years ago a 6-8 guy would have a lot of trouble. And, secondly, the three-point line is so close that teams have spread the floor. If you have one big guy, you can let him go one on one and spread the floor around him.”
 Jay Bilas - “He's just got to learn how to dominate a game, and that's going to take time. In the normal course of things, he would have been a role player as a freshman. And now if the guy has a bad game, everybody wonders what's the matter with him.”
 Jay Bilas - “If Indiana made the job offer to Steve Alford, I'm sure it would have extraordinary meaning to him. In my opinion, he's the one guy who could bring everyone together.”
 Jay Bilas - “But for Bill that wasn't a lateral move. That was a place that held special meaning for him.”
 Jay Bilas - “If you're going to make a move in the league, this is the year because the league is down. Some of the traditional powers are not as good as they've been and some of those teams are vulnerable.”
 Jay Bilas - “It's amazing how much better the offense looks when you make shots. But they still have to make harder cuts. If they do, the offense will look even better.”
 Jay Bilas - “Maryland has some good wins on their schedule, but doesn't have any great ones. But if Florida State is in and Texas AM is in, then I think Maryland has to be in the discussion. I think people are going overboard saying Florida State and Texas AM are automatically in because they both have the pelt of a big shot in the last week.”
 Jay Bilas - “North Carolina State's got no presence out there. The one thing that's detrimental for a school is uncertainty. A coach is the most important decision in choosing a school.”
 Jay Bilas - “(They) are going to be really dangerous in the tournament out of the Big East. And I think Ohio State (a No. 2 seed with a 25-5 record) is the team out of the Big Ten that hasn't been given enough credit, that's Final Four worthy.”
 Jay Bilas - “They've set a standard here. They've had enough guys come through that the older guys are able to pass down to the younger guys 'This is how we do it. This is the approach we take.' That means something. That expectation level is a very powerful thing. He has said that youth might be a factor, but that it won't be an excuse. He has those guys believing that they're going to overcome the issues they have and still win. When they step onto the court, it's not a question of are we going to win It's a question of how we're going to win. That's what tradition is. They're establishing that here.”
 Jay Bilas - “You talk about a team being a hair away. Someone who was in the selection committee room told me that he had a real problem picking Mason over Hofstra.”
 Jay Bilas - “It doesn't seem different to me they're two national teams. Xavier should be ranked and Cincinnati has been ranked. If the selection committee met today, both would be NCAA tournament teams.”
 Jay Bilas - “I understand their reticence. That's a serious issue, but if they vetted it and felt he was an acceptable choice, I have no problem with that. Forgiveness is a personal issue.”
 Jay Bilas - “Are they a good team Yes, of course they are. But there are a lot of good teams. They are a good team, they are well coached and they are capable. But if you put their resume side by side with Michigan, there is no comparison.”
 Jay Bilas - “There's been a sea of change in college basketball. And it's just starting to catch up to everybody.”
 Jay Bilas - “If you see something like that happening, I think it's safe to say this is a basketball school.”