My Favorite Quotes
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 Marc Billett - “All along, we thought he was a talented kid. He made some changes in technique and got better as the year went on.”
 Marc Billett - “I thought we wrestled pretty well. I felt we needed a win in one of those first three matches. I knew it would be a tight match.”
 Marc Billett - “He wrestled a clean match. He didn't make a mistake. I don't know what to say. He's such a great person and he deserves the title.”
 Marc Billett - “We're getting the wrestlers ready for the battles at the end of the season. We're happy to make the playoffs. That's always a team goal. But we have some guys with bigger goals.”
 Marc Billett - “I was surprised that we didn't see anybody moving away from 152 to either 145 or 160. With such a talented and deep weight class, there are always kids moving away. Not this time. We even had kids moving into this weight class.”
 Marc Billett - “It speaks volumes to all the people who were involved in the program from the Junior Olympics to the Junior High programs and then to the high school. It's like a family accomplishment. There are a lot of people who spent time coaching. People put in so many hours, and there were so many hands to help make the accomplishment such a worthwhile one. It's something to be proud of.”