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 Brian Billick - “If we're going to win, we're going to have to run the ball more, ... Therefore we'll have to be in games that are more controllable that we don't put ourselves in a position where we have to throw to catch up.”
 Brian Billick - “They pulled clips from our last win here, and after the Denver game. We were excited to win those. Give us that. But anybody who listened to me all week long has heard me say nothing tasteless, nothing classless, and nothing disrespectful of the Titans. I didn't do it.”
 Brian Billick - “There was tenderness, which was to be expected. There was some soreness. We decided collectively, with trainer Bill Tessendorf, myself and Jamal, that we should give it one more week.”
 Brian Billick - “They have a right to be disappointed in me and the way we've played, but I'm betting that our fans when we line up against the Jets are going to be rocking and rolling. We better give them something to be upbeat about. If we can deliver, I think we'll be off and running.”
 Brian Billick - “feeling good.”
 Brian Billick - “When he's allowed to show up here, we'll go forward. I'm not completely 100 certain when that is right now. God and the U.S. government only know.”
 Brian Billick - “When he's allowed to show up here, we'll go forward. I'm not completely 100 percent certain when that is right now. God and the U.S. government only know.”
 Brian Billick - “We're going to be very supportive of Jim's looking and hopefully being able to procure a head coaching job. I think Jim would be outstanding. If indeed that doesn't happen, Jim will be back next year. Some of the speculation I've seen is just that, because Jim and I have already had discussions about some of the things we need to do.”
 Brian Billick - “Pass protection has got to be better. My quarterback is getting the hell knocked out of him and that's not good, ... We've got a guy getting beat here and a guy getting beat there. The backs struggled tonight with protection. They kept coming with pressure, and I would've come with even more the way we protected.”
 Brian Billick - “That would be the hope, but I'm now in some gray area as to how he feels,”
 Brian Billick - “Ray takes a beating inside there. Sometimes, Ray watches and observes and is ready to go. That's what we hope will be the case.”
 Brian Billick - “We just got to be careful now, we can't get him hurt. I don't know if that is something he and his people counted on, figuring great he signed, he will start. No he won't. I've got to find out where he is at (mentally) and ease him into it.”
 Brian Billick - “It's huge, but you gain some things when you lose a player of that caliber. There are people that have to step up we did it in 2002, we have this year. We'd prefer not to go through it, but we'll focus on the things we've been able to do with Ray Lewis and the people we have out there, and we'll get a much better idea of what their abilities are.”
 Kurt Billick - “Every major participant in this industry is taking a strong look at Seagram.”
 Brian Billick - “He's been told that there's a possibility of surgery since the injury happened. There was always that possibility. I don't know if it's any more viable now than it was before.”
 Brian Billick - “Receiver Travis Taylor and center Mike Flynn practiced, while tight end Todd Heap did not and appears unlikely to play for the Ravens Sunday. The team had circled yesterday's practice as key for Heap's return this week from his ankle injury. We're very optimistic with Travis, ... Less so with Todd.”
 Brian Billick - “Getting the ball in Jamal's hands more, which is always a point of interest for everybody, lends itself to the old adage that a back doesn't get cranked up until he gets to that 20th, 25th run. That may have something to do with it,”
 Brian Billick - “To a degree, the biggest advantage is you stay fresh and are able to tag-team the backs a little bit, especially late in the season.”
 Brian Billick - “Kyle's, for instance, would've happened in a swimming pool. The way that thing got pinned and turned had nothing to do with the turf whatsoever, ... What we're examining very closely, quite frankly, are the shoes. The players all want, just like the padding, as little a shoe, as light a shoe, as fast a shoe as they can get. But the shoe also is a very strong support mechanism for the foot.”
 Brian Billick - “At some point you have to figure out if you're done chasing this dream, ... Have you given any thought to what you'd do Do you have your degree from U.S.C.”
 Brian Billick - “Anthony Wright is our starting quarterback and he will be our starting quarterback until circumstances change, ... That's the only approach we can take. It's not fruitful to tell a guy, 'You're the guy part-time,' or telling the other guy, 'You're out for the year.' You just don't do that.”
 Brian Billick - “Kyle stepped up it was his time to do it. Now, the challenge is to follow up.”
 Brian Billick - “It was the right thing to do. It gives him the maximum rehab time, multiple opinions. He sought them all, we sought them all. It was great that we were able to come to a resolution. I'm sure he's comfortable with it.”
 Brian Billick - “Just a lack of focus, ... We'll work at it, and the next time they won't try to do those things.”
 Brian Billick - “Wright is the starting quarterback right now, for an undetermined period of time, due to injury, ... Kyle Boller is our starting quarterback. If I left that open to interpretation or if the way I responded led the way to speculation that we did not have the faith in Kyle, that our faith is wavering, that was not my intent.”

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