My Favorite Quotes
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 Jack Billion - “You need healthy, vibrant small businesses that can afford to pay for health insurance and provide fringe benefits.”
 Jack Billion - “I think the issues are there. And I think that right now we're looking at organization, funding and time schedules to see whether or not it's feasible.”
 Jack Billion - “Where do we want to go for the state of South Dakota with renewable fuels, with transmission grids, with all the factors, economic incentives and the like to really provide opportunity for people in South Dakota”
 Jack Billion - “States with a life only policy do fairly well economically.”
 Jack Billion - “That should be a concern to many of you.”
 Jack Billion - “It is an opportunity for people to talk about where we want to go in this state in areas like education, economic development, health care, open government.”
 Jack Billion - “We need to change this administration. There are a great many Republicans as there are Democrats that are worried about where this state is going.”
 Jack Billion - “When we talk about what we want to do with this state, I think we have to be mindful of the fact that this state does have some assets. This state does have some ability. This state can do things.”