My Favorite Quotes
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 Rick Billy - “We expect the sum of the two companies to be worth meaningfully more than the current price.”
 Rick Billy - “Relative to where the stocks were earlier this year and the expectations people had for growth, some correction was necessary. Their valuations were as lofty as I have ever seen in 20 years of following the semiconductor industry. They were truly off the charts.”
 Rick Billy - “Most communications chip companies have grown two to three times their sustainable growth rate over the past few quarters because everyone was building up inventories. There was a shortage mentality, and suddenly everyone is beginning to say there is no shortage anymore, so I don't have to over-order.”
 Rick Billy - “PMC-Sierra has a business outlook that is undiminished from what it was six to nine months ago. I believe PMC can grow its revenue 40-50 percent in each of the next three years. We are getting to the point where there are some compelling values out there. If you look out 18 months, I think investors in this sector will do well.”