My Favorite Quotes
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 Sam Dubbin - “We hope it will stand as a durable lesson for the future.”
 Donn Rubin - “We hope that the budget is such that next year, finally, these important investments can be made in our states future.”
 Greg Rubin - “It will be so much more convenient. I think a lot of people will take the train to games. When we lived in the city, we used to take the subway there.”
 Avi Rubin - “As new generations of computers come out, usually there are increased complexity and features, that lead to increased security problems. Plus, other industries have shown that every new generation has its own set of security problems.”
 Tanith Belbin - “We're so glad to be a part of this generation of ice dancing. It's a combined score.”
 Dan Corbin - “Their big girl was on Carly and it was tough on her, but she did a nice job of passing, and Brittany Strickland made some big shots. Hertford County beat Wilson Hunt and Rocky Mount, and their record doesn't show it, but they are a good team.”
 Richard Durbin - “I promised John Roberts I would give him a clean slate.”
 Claudia Corbin - “And for those who don't have that, we'll have a donation box where they can give a dollar.”
 Dan Corbin - “It's been bothering him, so we're trying to give him a few days off, and we hope he can be back.”
 Tim Corbin - “Pedro is hitting good pitches. He is a talented kid that if he gets strikes he is able to hit the ball pretty well.”
 Tim Corbin - “Price did a good job and got to the seventh inning against a good-hitting team. He threw 125 pitches, and that's high. I don't like doing that.”
 Chua Bin - “Overall it's still good. It will continue to expand at a blistering pace for at least the first half.”
 Dan Corbin - “That (Strickland's points) kept us in the game in the first quarter, but we looked a little shell-shocked in the first half, and we turned the ball over way too much just trying to do things that weren't there. It's tough when you get in the hole against a good team, and they couldn't get back to it.”
 Dan Corbin - “It's a good, young team, and we don't look at next year or the year after and say 'Oh, we'll be good then'. We want to be good this year and that's what we'll go at it for.”
 Doug Tobin - “It was good police work.”
 Tom McKibbin - “We have an incredibly good relationship with the county. They help provide equipment and gear and a paramedic, and, in turn, we provide them with all kinds of personnel. It's a mutually beneficial relationship.”
 Tim Corbin - “We were very opportunistic tonight offensively. We did a good job of battling in a few at bats and also had some key two-out hits that brought in runs.”
 James Rubin - “The president felt there was a very good and serious exchange of views. All issues came up at the dinner,”
 Chua Bin - “There's no way any new government will want to push through privatization. Whatever the end game looks like, the paralysis in terms of economic policies is still a threat.”
 James Rubin - “We have been in touch with senior levels of the Italian government to express our view that Ocalan must not go free, and we are concurrently consulting with the Germans, the Italians and the Turkish authorities regarding these reported developments,”
 Robert Rubin - “We all shared a belief in market-based economics though we had somewhat different views as to the appropriate role of government in our society and felt that what happened abroad could greatly affect our own economic well being,”
 James Rubin - “The U.S. support for the Djukanovic government is strong and unwavering.”
 James Rubin - “We have tried hard to maintain a working relationship with Belarus. The (Belarus) government has made that task even more difficult by this unnecessary, foolish and illegal provocation.”
 James Rubin - “If, however, there is any new evidence that emerges, we would want to see the Salvadorans vigorously urge the government...to investigate and, if warranted, to prosecute those implicated.”
 Xia Bin - “How to effectively ease the upward pressure is vital for the yuan exchange rate reforms and also vital in resolving the problem of the runaway growth in foreign exchange reserves.”

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