My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Birkhauser - “Particularly identify the game that you are shooting and particularly identify your surroundings, that it's safe to shoot. Every second, you're adjusting your personal information that it is a safe area to shoot or it's not a safe area to shoot.”
 Joe Birkhauser - “All the guys are dedicated to getting better and learning the game. This team is a nice bunch of guys to be around and coach. My biggest wish if for them to improve each time out and enjoy the game.”
 Joe Birkhauser - “We shot pretty well and are seem to get better each time out.”
 Joe Birkhauser - “These seniors are a special group. We'll miss them tremendously. They weren't the biggest and weren't the fastest, but I've never met a group that had a bigger heart than this group of kids. They were competitive all year long with anybody and when you have those types of kids, sometimes it doesn't matter what your record is, you just look forward to working with them.”
 Joe Birkhauser - “You're not going to be successful if you turn the ball over and you've got to make your free throws.”
 Mark Birkhauser - “If you are squeezing the trigger, you will not get that shot back and you need to make sure of the target and surrounding area and make sure it is safe to shoot.”
 Mark Birkhauser - “We always stress to anybody that before you make any kind of a shot, it's incumbent upon the shooter to assess the situation and make sure it's a safe shot. Once you squeeze that trigger, you can't bring that shot back.”
 Mark Birkhauser - “It's always incumbent on the shooter to make sure that he's shooting into a safe area.”
 Mark Birkhauser - “It's incumbent upon the shooter to assess the situation and make sure it's a safe shot.”
 Joe Birkhauser - “Everyone shot better then their qualifying average from last week and that was positive to see.”