My Favorite Quotes
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 Doris Birnbaum - “The dogs love getting out for walks (within the fenced shelter), so this gives them more quality time outdoors. Since I have extra time today, I'll give each one of the cats more lap time.”
 Doris Birnbaum - “All cages and runs are cleaned daily with an antiseptic. The cat litter boxes are changed and cats are given fresh food and water.”
 Pastor Birnbaum - “The major reason for all this improvement is the fact that we have agreed, as a congregation, to transform our church into a 'community' church - reaching out to Alice for Jesus Christ. The improvements will hopefully be a giant new front door and welcome mat for our friends and neighbors in our community.”
 Pastor Birnbaum - “Whichever church you are from, it's a tremendous experience to bring a church group.”
 Doris Birnbaum - “I'm retired, so working on holidays really doesn't bother me. My family and I celebrated Christmas early this year, on Friday. It might be difficult for some people, but my family is accommodating, so it works for us.”
 Doris Birnbaum - “Working here, you fall in love with the animals and are always tempted to bring them home. But at our house, we've reached our limit.”