My Favorite Quotes
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 Martin Biron - “They created the chances and created more opportunities and they got the goals.”
 Martin Biron - “I hadn't played in a while, and getting down, 2-0, is not a very good way to start, but I didn't stress too much about it. I knew we had something inside of us.”
 Martin Biron - “There's not a whole lot of coaches that can say they've got 300 wins. That's definitely a big honor, especially in a season like this year where it's a 100-point season. It's big. That's big all around.”
 Martin Biron - “We rotate a lot of players in those positions. The guys go out there 20, 25 seconds. The first time it's out of the zone we get a change, get some fresh legs. That allows us to get a lot of pressure, and it's a controlled pressure. When one guys goes, the other three know how to respond. It's not a free-for-all, running around.”
 Martin Biron - “That's never happened, to be honest with you. When that happens, you work twice as hard because you want to keep it up and give them more to cheer at.”
 Martin Biron - “It was rock bottom. It couldn't get any worse than that.”
 Martin Biron - “It was hard for a while because a lot of people spent money, invested money and felt like they got cheated a bit. Now they felt like they should give those guys (in ownership) a chance, and it has paid off. The more people that are there, the more exciting it is, the harder the team wants to work, the more the front office wants to create a good situation for the city, for the fans. So it's like a big wheel, and it makes a big difference.”
 Marc Biron - “You don't have one party a night, ... You go to two or three parties a night, four or five nights a week.”
 Martin Biron - “We really got going in the second half of the second period and in the third period, ... We got good scoring chances, we got the puck to the net, we got our speed going. I think more and more throughout the preseason you're going to see the new NHL, where they will pick up speed and not have those dull moments.”
 Martin Biron - “I can play whenever they want me to play. I told them that. I'm well rested. I looked up with about 5 minutes left and saw 38, 39 shots and had to blink for a second to make sure which side it was.”
 Martin Biron - “I was in a meeting in Detroit where they asked about certain pieces of equipment, about certain changes that they wanted to make, and they listened. Making the nets bigger wasn't really an ideal situation, we all knew it. Going drastically down to like 10-inch pads was dangerous. Guys tried 'em. It was not right. With all the additions and all the new rules, you needed maybe to go just halfway and really trust one another that it was going to work. And it does. It's worked well.”
 Martin Biron - “He's got good hands, he finds the spots to get open. Anytime you've got that and you're willing to work hard like he is, you're going to make things happen.”
 Martin Biron - “You do have to play better. In the playoffs it's going to be a different game you're only going to score two or three a game because teams are going to shut it down. Discipline will be at a different level, so you won't get as many power-play opportunities, so we have to be better.”
 Marc Biron - “If you are not part of a group in New York, you don't survive, ... You get very depressed.”
 Martin Biron - “Give these guys credit. They could have just gone through the motions, mailed it in. We haven't done that all year.”
 Martin Biron - “I don't care. I want it. I welcome it. Whoever comes out on top is going to be the better for it. And I have all the intention that I'm going to be coming out on top of everything.”
 Martin Biron - “I didn't care one bit if my legs were shaking at the end of practice. I want it I welcome it. That's how we're going to get better.”
 Martin Biron - “This is my job, and I'm going to camp to kick some butt, to stand on my head so that there's no confusion, ... I don't want anybody to look at this and wonder.”
 Marc Biron - “It's a living, ... But it's not a big money-making business. It's almost like a sport. A good party has a lot of energy great energy, great people. What is great people You can't define it. It's something exciting to your eyes and to your mind.”
 Martin Biron - “I made a mistake on their second goal to give the puck up on the wall. I'll take the blame for that. They created the chances and created more opportunities and they got the goals.”
 Martin Biron - “I think that's the first time this year that for 60 minutes I was always thinking ahead a step.”
 Martin Biron - “Our main objective as a group was to respond to any adversity that we faced all year. That's where I think our major accomplishment was, we battled injuries, we battled people putting us down, we battled a dry spell a few weeks ago. So it may have surprised other people but we knew in our dressing room that we had character, leadership - a lot more maturity than we had two, three seasons ago.”