My Favorite Quotes
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 Gerard Bisceglia - “Preposterous is a strong word, but it is warranted in this case.”
 Gerard Bisceglia - “With one track in the United States, we're at a distinct disadvantage when we go up against the rest of the world.”
 Gerard Bisceglia - “Lance Armstrong is one of the most tested athletes in the history of sport and he has come up clean every single time. This kind of years-ago testing of a single sample with new technology is completely without credibility.”
 Gerard Bisceglia - “It would be a great opportunity to be (in Austin) as a national cycling center instead of as a tenant at the Olympic Training Center. Our sport is beginning to ascend to the point where we need to have our own home.”
 Gerard Bisceglia - “Ford's commitment to the Ford Tour de Georgia is an essential element in the growth of both the event itself and the sport of cycling in the United States. Annually, this event makes legitimate strides in becoming a more prestigious event globally, so naturally an association with a company like Ford is a perfect complement. Their continued support to cycling projects like the Ford Tour de Georgia, as well as an elite-level women's mountain bike team Ford Cycling, represents a significant dedication to our sport.”