My Favorite Quotes
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 Azmi Bishara - “For the future of our sons, we cannot keep silent in the wake of these findings, ... forfeit the lives of Arabs.”
 Azmi Bishara - “This is the time for being careful and checking things and seeing if a new page will be open in the Palestinian-Jordanian relationship.”
 Azmi Bishara - “People waiting for a savior will be disappointed. People who are more realistic and thinking about progress in the transitional period can be more optimistic in the first six months -- the grace time.”
 Azmi Bishara - “I think the Israelis should decide what they want -- peace with Arabs or not.”
 Azmi Bishara - “I don't think this is a factor in political thinking. King Hussein was also married to a Palestinian woman at a time when his conflict with the Palestinians was at a climax.”
 Azmi Bishara - “The best-case scenario is that they are a demographic burden or tolerated guests, and at worst a fifth column.”
 Azmi Bishara - “You cannot play with the blood of sons. This is not only an extremely sensitive but also potentially explosive affair,”
 Azmi Bishara - “The Syrians are going to the negotiations in Washington with full seriousness and the intention that these conversations will bear fruit and succeed. They are very interested in having these talks begin and go in the right direction.”
 Azmi Bishara - “Vote for us or for any other Arab party.”
 Azmi Bishara - “This candidacy was supposed to be a tool -- to make a point that we want the state to be the state for all of the citizens and to bargain for Arab rights.”
 Azmi Bishara - “There are plenty of right-wing radicals in Israel with weapons, and the Arab communities are vulnerable because they are open to everyone and the people do not have arms.”
 Azmi Bishara - “We are afraid that this is an organized act of discrimination and racism.”