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 Carolyn Bivens - “Not only is there not any jealousy, there is a lot of cheering and 'Go, girl, go,' ... It's a rising tide that lifts all boats.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “Morgan is an exceptionally talented young player who will be a terrific addition to the 2006 LPGA Tour. She presents a unique combination of academic and golf achievements, and I am impressed with Morgan's abilities.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “It's looking good, ... There are a lot of balls up in the air. There are several other sports that haven't finalized their packages. But there are also some new distribution outlets that are looking for sports.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “She is probably, without question, one of the greatest female athletes of our time.”
 Josh Bivens - “You can't read this GDP report and expect it to translate into a good report tomorrow. Employment is a lagging indicator, so it will be at least two quarters, or maybe even four quarters, before better growth numbers translate into better jobs numbers.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “It will be a cross-sports forum to look at whether a girl under 18 can handle tour life, ... We want our players to be out here for anything from 10 to 25 years. We don't want them burning white hot for a year or two and then flaming out.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “You're going to see us take off at the top of a crescendo this year. I know there are people who say, 'Is there too much hype around the LPGA' I think we're going to exceed everyone's expectations.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “Our fans have to look pretty hard to find us, ... We would like to get a little bit more consistency, a bit more tuned-in for people.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “Michelle is good for golf, just as Tiger was good for golf. There are a lot of people who may not follow golf otherwise, but tune in when you've got Michelle or Tiger out there.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “We got a lot of folks that are pretty excited about that. Every time there have been changes to any of the major playoff formats in sports ... it's not met with a resounding click of heels by everyone. But I would say at this point, we have most people on board.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “The opportunity for the returning champions is something that is cheered by the Tour, and I think it's going to add a wonderful dimension.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “I don't know if there's a great deal of motivation to learn English.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “Deb has been an integral part of the LPGA Tour for nearly 20 years, both on and off the golf course, ... She is well respected as a competitor, which shows in her stellar record, but also as a player deeply committed to the future growth and success of the LPGA. Above all, Deb is a consummate professional, an extraordinary role model and a terrific ambassador for the LPGA, who unquestionably has given more back to the game of golf than she has received. I am thrilled that Debs future plans include the LPGA, and on behalf of the LPGA congratulate her on such an incredible run on the LPGA Tour.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “Paula has played incredibly well during her rookie year and has displayed poise and maturity beyond her years. She has consistently played at the highest level and has set a new performance standard for rookies.”
 Josh Bivens - “I don't think it's a fait accompli that it's going to make the middle class poor in the United States. But I do think it's a useful warning that this is going to be tough for a large swath of workers in the United States, if managed poorly.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “If what we find in the current policy is not serving our young women and giving them the best opportunity to compete for a long time, then we would change it. But let's learn all that's out there first.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “That isn't a surprise. What I think is important for the LPGA is that Michelle can dream her dreams and pursue her dreams, and that she has options. Because she wants to do things a little differently, that's OK.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “That isn't a surprise, ... What I think is important for the LPGA is that Michelle can dream her dreams and pursue her dreams, and that she has options. Because she wants to do things a little differently, that's OK.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “She says she's 5 feet, I doubt that. And when she steps up to hit the ball, it's unbelievable. At the same time, she's very good with the fans and she loves what she's doing. I think she's going to be electric.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “One of the great stories out of this is that the LPGA, by virtue of the number of stars we have, is not dependent on one person.”
 Terry Bivens - “Clearly the ball is in Unilever's court.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “For the first time, we enter the year with more than 100 international players on the tour. We represent just about every continent and an awful lot of countries. For the first time that I can remember in women's sports, you can be who you are as long as you're good and you can be who you are and still be accepted.”
 Carolyn Bivens - “If you don't have some control of how your image is used commercially, you really can't build a consistent brand. You're not a good steward. And for 55 years we never asserted any rights to that. In order to more consistently build our brand, we have to have control over the commercial use.”
 Josh Bivens - “Any attempt to forecast what skills will be needed 10 years from now is just folly. If 10 years ago someone told you financial analysts were a job that was going to be exposed to intense global competition, a lot of people probably would not believe it but that definitely seems to be a possibility today.”
 Terry Bivens - “They had trouble because condensed soup is increasingly seen as not convenient enough. There hasn't been enough product innovation. Consumption has been in a downturn for some time now, and soup has been the heart and soul of this company with high margins.”

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