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 Tray Blackmon - “I had to settle down and stay poised and stay mentally ready. I had a lot to learn last year.”
 Puggy Blackmon - “It was more popular than we ever thought it would be.”
 Puggy Blackmon - “This is the first time since I've been here that I've felt comfortable naming a captain. He's now our captain, and he's done an incredible job with a very young group of kids.”
 Will Blackmon - “Not at all, no way. It's a team and we got the win. If we've got to throw to him every time to score, it's fine with me. It's not about stats. It's about winning and losing.”
 Will Blackmon - “he said. ''I'm just working on the little things, catching the ball on time, and that's what I really worked on this summer.”
 James Blackmon - “When I took it (guitar) out the first time, everybody freaked out. Nobody had ever seen anything like it before.”
 Will Blackmon - “I run all day in practice, so I'm used to it. The adrenaline was flowing so I felt like I couldn't get tired today.”
 Joel Blackmon - “Don't get me wrong, we wouldn't turn down a major record deal.”
 Puggy Blackmon - “This is my 11th year (at USC) and I've never been as optimistic as I am now. We've dominated instate recruiting the past three years, and I expect us to win quickly.”
 Will Blackmon - “We heard it every game last year. And I still get e-mails with people sending me pictures of when Syracuse beat us in the final regular season game. I find it kind of funny. That's entertainment for me. That's what football is all about. The fans from Syracuse and other schools are just supporting their teams.”
 James Blackmon - “That was an especially tough thing for me to do as a lover of music.”
 Will Blackmon - “He definitely wants to do something to forget that (Syracuse game). I'm pretty sure that's his motivation.”
 Puggy Blackmon - “The response was amazing. Surprisingly, the media picked it up and ran with it. We were getting countless numbers of phone calls from people who wanted to know where they could purchase it.”
 Will Blackmon - “To me it doesn't really matter, I don't have a favorite. I like to score touchdowns. I like to stop the offense.”
 Joel Blackmon - “Nobody wants to lose a job or a marriage.”
 Tray Blackmon - “They weren't really running to my side. I think they kind of knew. But to run it down and make big plays is good.”
 Will Blackmon - “I was just trying to get the first down. Make him miss and move the ball forward. I thought I was going to get nailed.”
 Will Blackmon - “I always tell Matt anytime you throw the deep ball that if it's up in the air, I'll go get it. It just came down to who wanted it more.”
 Puggy Blackmon - “I don't think it's a big concern for him.”
 Will Blackmon - “They kept sitting back. Why run a deep route when they're just sitting there It's just common sense, you know”
 James Blackmon - “Once you have the notoriety for creating something, the money part of the deal will take care of itself.”
 Tray Blackmon - “I want the coaches to know they can depend on me, that I'm going to be a guy going full speed every play and that I'm capable of making big plays.”
 Puggy Blackmon - “I love what I saw, especially (Tuesday). The biggest key is just making the cut. If he can make the cut, he's capable of doing anything. And when it happens, he doesn't do it halfway.”
 Puggy Blackmon - “I'm the last person that would be blowing smoke. He's very close to something special happening. It could be this week. He's certainly capable technically.”
 Will Blackmon - “We've got very skilled quarterbacks. So whoever's in there is going to do very well. Quinton and Matt are really playing at a high level and we know what to expect from them. Whoever's back there, we feel comfortable with what they're capable of doing.”

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