My Favorite Quotes
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 Josh Blaisdell - “If the kids didn't like her, they wouldn't tease her. The girlboy thing ... They treat her like a player, like she's part of the team.”
 Josh Blaisdell - “She came up big, even though she let up a few goals, because she saw a lot of rubber. She is a leader and she can lift the rest of the team with her play.”
 Josh Blaisdell - “We wanted more firepower and all-around speed from our forward lines. We got good production from all three lines.”
 Josh Blaisdell - “We are still young. We only skated two seniors today. That's why we wanted this opportunity to play some better teams.”
 Josh Blaisdell - “We were pretty insulted. It is the first time we've had our noses rubbed in a loss. (His players) have a void to fill.”
 Josh Blaisdell - “They hold each other to extremely high standards. Jack, being the youngest, probably has to live up to the highest standards. The twins have set a standard and Jack wants to lay his own. He wants to go above and beyond what the twins have accomplished.”
 Josh Blaisdell - “We're excited. It's Christmas vacation and all we have to worry about is hockey.”
 Josh Blaisdell - “We are a young team and we have a bright future ahead of us. Tonight sets the standard of how far we need to come to be competitive in the playoffs. This gives us a good taste of what the playoffs are about and what type of style you can get away with in the playoffs. It's intense throughout and if you take a shift off, they put up nine goals.”