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 Kathleen Blanco - “The first light of day today revealed what we had feared, ... The devastation is greater than our worst fears. It's just totally overwhelming.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “The devastation is greater than our worst fears, ... It is just totally overwhelming. It is a tragedy of great proportions.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “This is a tragedy of great proportions, greater than any we've see in our lifetimes, ... We know many lives have been lost.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “We are one people, united in our resolve to rebuild, restore and recover from this tragedy. At this time of great uncertainty and despair, our people must know that all our leaders are united and dedicated to this important work.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “Only an independent, nonpartisan commission investigation that commands full support from the executive and legislative branches will accomplish what we need a thorough, comprehensive review which is only concerned with getting to the truth,”
 Kathleen Blanco - “I'm asking our citizens to please understand the seriousness of our situation, ... ... It is too dangerous to come home.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “I asked for everything that we had available from the federal government...and the federal effort was just a little slow in coming. I can't understand why.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “My values, our values, aren't about pointing fingers. They are about offering a helping hand.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “I've got my own power-packed people endorsing me, and I think they know how to get the vote out, ... I'll fall back on my friends that cross all kinds of boundaries.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “While the eye of the storm is now projected to go a little more westerly and into the Texas area, it is strengthening, ... That still could give us some impact on the eastern side of the storm. We are watching it and we want our citizens to watch it very carefully.”
 Toni Blanco - “The pictures or the television can't show the stench, the smell of urine and water mixed on the floors, the feces. It was unimaginably horrible.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “People trapped in the city are in desperate need of water and supplies, ... We are ferrying them in as much as we can, but it's unfathomable.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “You can't tell where the Gulf of Mexico starts and ends, ... There's water as far as the eye can see.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “When your whole system, your whole civilized system goes down, this is pretty much what you get left with. We have no communications, no running water, no electricity, no real help.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “The power is out, the phones are down and there is no food or water, and many trees are down.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “We will weather this storm as we have weathered Katrina.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “dismayed at the latest example of why voters might be leery of women chief executives.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “What angers me the most is that in these situations, you usually see the best from people. But here we saw also the worse. We're going to enforce law and order.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “At the state level, we must take a careful look at what went wrong and make sure it never happens again. The buck stops here, and as your governor, I take full responsibility.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “We have a lot of talent in Louisiana, ... For years, our musicians have had to go to Nashville or New York to record.,”
 Kathleen Blanco - “We all know that our businesses and industries need far more than a shot of adrenaline to rebound and put our people back to work,”
 Kathleen Blanco - “Well, it's a logistical nightmare, ... We have identified other shelters in other parts of the state. Communities are ready to receive these people to help them out.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “We all wanted more, faster, ... We needed more, faster. We were limited by our own capacity. We were limited by the speed at which organization could be mustered. There isn't any person who is not sorrowful about wanting to do more in a quicker amount of time. We knew lives were being threatened minute-by-minute. Everything is now stabilized. We know there are still people to be rescued. Loved ones need to be buried.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “he has recognized that Katrina was no ordinary hurricane.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “The silver lining of Katrina's storm clouds is the historic opportunity that we have now to start anew,”

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