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 Kathleen Blanco - “Former FEMA director James Lee Witt, hired by Blanco to oversee the state's recovery efforts, will work with federal and state officials to draft new building codes and see that every nickel is spent in the proper way, ... We're not going to waste a nickel.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “seemed uncertain and sluggish, hesitant to declare martial law or a state of emergency, which would have opened the door to more Pentagon help.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “1140 p.m. Louisiana's governor declared war on looters who have made the city a menacing landscape of disorder and fear. They have M-16s and they're locked and loaded, ... These troops know how to shoot and kill, and they are more than willing to do so, and I expect they will.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “It's not going to be a pretty sight. My next big worry is contamination and disease.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “All of it is negotiable and everything is up for discussion,”
 Pascual Blanco - “The debate on Long Island has always been emotional.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “In death, as in life, our people deserve more respect than they have received,”
 Kathleen Blanco - “Southwest Louisiana is now in danger... we feel that it is very important that everyone leave now,”
 Kathleen Blanco - “When folks who are desperate are trying to get home, it just makes it more difficult for us to get to folks whose lives are in danger.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “When I'm out hustling up new industries, I can offer Louisiana's many selling points. We have unmatched natural resources, a unique culture and fantastic workers.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “The challenges presented by our budget crisis are some of the most difficult we have ever faced. We are -very simply put -adjusting to reality. These times, and our citizens, demand change.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “I have come here to talk about job creation,”
 Kathleen Blanco - “This country and its economy must have a vibrant commercial center at the mouth of the Mississippi River, its most important waterway, ... Katrina and Rita brought our economy to its knees.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “We have a huge problem and until we have that breach under control, we will continue to have a problem,”
 Kathleen Blanco - “The shelters will end up probably without electricity or with minimum electricity from generators in the end. There may be intense flooding that will be not in our control which would be ultimately the most dangerous situation that many of our people could face.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “Search and rescue operations, evacuations and trying to control the levee breach are our priorities for today.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “In death, as in life, our people deserve more respect and dignity, ... The failure to execute a contract for the recovery of our citizens has hurt the speed of recovery efforts.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “Such falsehoods and misleading statements, made under oath before Congress, are shocking, ... It clearly demonstrates the appalling degree to which Mr. Brown is either out of touch with the truth or reality.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “Such falsehoods and misleading statements, made under oath before Congress, are shocking,”
 Kathleen Blanco - “The financial affairs of Louisiana will be transparent and wide open as it pertains to this period of recovery, more so than it ever has been before, ... We will stand well to the expected scrutiny by the public, the Congress and the media.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “We still have great needs in our state, ... I do believe Congress will respond to the issue at hand.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “The biggest concern is that this whole situation is totally overwhelming. I know the desperation of all of the folks who had evacuated. I know they desperately want to get in. In most cases, it is totally impossible for them to get in. The streets are inundated with water. The devastation is vast. And there's really -- there's nothing they can do.”
 Pascual Blanco - “In the process, we all have to compromise.”
 Kathleen Blanco - “By comparison to New York's economic recovery challenges, Louisiana's situation is vaster, more complex and will be more protracted,”
 Kathleen Blanco - “The task of assisting with family restoration is a monumental one and will require the combined knowledge of and reach of this special group of leaders who have proven knowledge of Louisiana and a history of community service,”

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