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 Joe Blanton - “It was laid-back, but you don't want to give up a run, and you don't want anyone to get a hit off you. You still want to have that bit of intensity, but not quite as much as a regular game.”
 Wayne Blanton - “Overall, it's a very good budget. It's a 6 percent to 7 percent increase. Considering what other states are doing, it's substantial.”
 Joe Blanton - “When you're going against a good pitcher, sometimes it's tough to get some runs across especially when they're locked in like that in a big game, ... Lackey did a great job. He spotted the ball well, changed speeds fairly well and had a pretty good breaking ball.”
 Wayne Blanton - “We would like to see some of that money spent as pay-as-you-go for capital expenditures. We are so far behind both in our growth for capital outlay and meeting class size that we've got to come up with some substantial dollars in this year, and that would be one way to do it.”
 Jay Blanton - “I just hope people look at things in their complete context.”
 Jay Blanton - “Those funds will plug back into the operation of the hospital.”
 Wayne Blanton - “We met with Senate and House leaders, and they felt they could cure it during the session. I'm very confident schools will be able to use co-teaching.”
 Wayne Blanton - “The list is ludicrous. I think the intelligent voter would look at this and say this is so far off, it's incredible.”
 Carla Blanton - “They're more interested in political theater than they are in the issues that will move the state forward.”
 Joe Blanton - “I'm just getting more comfortable all the time. I'm trying to find the strike zone more with my offspeed pitches and my fastballs.”
 Wayne Blanton - “I have seen it time and time again. You dictate what you want that leadership to do. When that happens, you will see an improvement in education in this county.”
 Smiley Blanton - “To be happy, drop the words 'if only,' and substitute instead the words 'next time”
 Joe Blanton - “It's real nice, especially coming this late in the spring. You always want to have that one good outing right before you leave Spring Training, and this is my last start down here, so it was a good time for it.”
 Wayne Blanton - “We can't keep up. We're four and a half billion dollars short on the construction side. If that's what you have to trade for five more students, then that's maybe what it takes to trade.”
 Jay Blanton - “It shows the connection of higher education and service. It's really important to illustrate the mission of a flagship university.”
 Joe Blanton - “I just gave up a couple of singles in a row mixed with a walk or two. I threw a lot of close pitches that could have been called either way.”
 Joe Blanton - “The (pitch to Rivera) was a fastball in and that's something I need to work on.”
 Thomas Blanton - “No one really knows how many records are covered or for how long, and there are practically none of the limits that we do have in the security classification world.”
 Jay Blanton - “When you have a revenue stream, being able to move forward on a project makes all the sense in the world.”
 Joe Blanton - “I try not to worry about it. Keeping us in the game is my job. I faced a young guy with great stuff, but there's nothing I can do about it.”
 Joe Blanton - “We were 15 games under .500, and Barry always remained positive. We started bad, and he never gave up. He kept pushing us. He's 27 now, with six years in the big leagues and a Cy Young Award. We didn't want to lose a great teammate.”
 Joe Blanton - “I've definitely watched him over the years. It's neat anytime you get to pitch against somebody who has been around for so long and had such great success.”
 Wayne Blanton - “We'll face a critical shortage in the next couple of years if we don't do anything. We thought housing prices would have cooled by now, but they haven't. And that's bad news.”
 Wayne Blanton - “Our position is that statewide, the school board has a budget and allocates money to all schools in their district. We don't want legislation, the courts or anyone else telling us where to spend portions of (the districts') budgets.”
 Smiley Blanton - “It is easier to talk about money -- and much easier to talk about sex -- than it is to talk about power. People who have it deny it people who want it do not want to appear to hunger for it and people who engage in its machinations do so secretly.”

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