My Favorite Quotes
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 David Blaska - “I did everything I could, gave it my all, but I wasn't able to 'do the doors' this time like I did the first five elections, and that was the big difference. I wasn't surprised I lost, simply because I wasn't able to do the doors.”
 David Blaska - “So after 20 years we will have spent 30 to 40 million with really nothing to show for it.”
 David Blaska - “The cost of putting these deputies on the road, it's really a transportation service we're running now. A statewide bus service so to speak. This is a problem. It's going to continue. It's going to get worse.”
 David Blaska - “We're building a Huber center. We're going to build something for drug and alcohol abuse treatment. I'm saying let's look at the third leg of this stool, that stool can't stand without that third leg.”