My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeff Blauser - “We've done a lot of good things the last two nights. We're putting ourselves in position to win games.”
 Jeff Blauser - “We all know the situation - those umpires, regardless of whether they're in the big leagues or in A-ball, they have good days and bad days.”
 Jeff Blauser - “I still look at him as a player, so it was nice to see what he's been able to come in here and do. My hope is that our regulars here will watch, embrace and learn everything they can from him while he's here.”
 Jeff Blauser - “That was a big hit. I don't ever think we're out of the game, but that put us just one shot away, especially with the way the wind was blowing out there tonight.”
 Jeff Blauser - “He probably feels pressure to duplicate that this year. This is a big jump for those guys coming from 'A' ball to Double-A, probably the biggest jump they'll make.”
 Jeff Blauser - “The replacement guys, I'm confident they're going to umpire to the best of their abilities. They have a lot of pride, obviously, in what they are doing. And they have a lot of passion for the game, or they wouldn't be here.”
 Jeff Blauser - “He was impressive. Even when Blanco got that hit, he still managed to keep us in check. I don't know much about him, but from the looks of it, he has a good future ahead of him.”
 Jeff Blauser - “He has had some good at-bats and has had a flair for the big hit here recently. We saw that from him in spring training. Anyone who has seen him play realizes he has a lot of energy. He's working on focusing that energy into the important aspects of his game. He has an ability that you don't see every day.”