My Favorite Quotes
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 Kevin Blemkin - “The car bomb news pushed the price up again. The market is very nervous.”
 Kevin Blemkin - “On Friday, it was off to the races, but there has been no fresh news over the weekend. The move up was too much on Friday.”
 Kevin Blemkin - “Refineries are going to be slow to recover. I'm not too excited about the downside for prices. We still have disruptions. We won't get a real picture of the market today because people are away in the U.S.”
 Kevin Blemkin - “The storm situation is of concern, obviously, from the point of view of the damage that Katrina has done. Going into the fourth quarter, refineries are going to be the main issue. There's no shortage of crude, so I don't think more output from OPEC is going to be necessary at this time.”