My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Bliss - “We give them gloves and put them right in there. We don't pull any punches.”
 Brian Divelbliss - “In one game, we took just four shots. We scored two goals, so the quality shooting is there, but we need to shoot more.”
 Chris Chambliss - “When Wily Mo sees the ball well, he makes good decisions as far as balls and strikes. Wily works at it. He wants to get better.”
 Dave Bliss - “A lot of it is shot selection. When the other team makes a couple shots, you have to buckle down and get something good on offense instead of firing up the first thing you see. We don't always do that.”
 Rob Bliss - “It was a good game. When you beat a team like McDowell, one of the best-coached teams around, you feel good about that.”
 Saxby Chambliss - “He's going to be grilled pretty good about what happened, how it happened and how far up the chain it looks like it went.”
 Dick Bliss - “These kids played their hearts out, and never gave up. I hope the girls remember the whole season, and not just this game. They had a great year.”
 Saxby Chambliss - “Had that information been shared with other agencies ... who knows what may have happened”
 Saxby Chambliss - “That information should have been given to us, and it wasn't.”
 Saxby Chambliss - “When his nomination comes before the United States Senate, Timothy Batten can count on my strong support... He is the right person for the job.”
 Saxby Chambliss - “The president of the United States was very focused from the very day he took office, and Mr. Clarke was a big part of the team that prepared him ... on the issue of terrorism,”
 Rob Bliss - “Every time there was a rebound or loose ball to be had, they got it. We've got to regroup and take these next five games.”
 Richard Bliss - “We purchased substantial equipment to meet the increase in network traffic, ... At the time, we were still adding new customers at a high rate, and the load crippled us.”
 Richard Bliss - “It depends on whether we can get a plane down there in time. We are heading in that direction so I am happy.”
 Dave Bliss - “The one time she didn't get a hit was an error, and she basically knocked the shortstop over backwards. She was just ripping the ball tonight.”
 Saxby Chambliss - “Every time we have these photographs dribbled out or some expansion of that situation, it is not good for America, ... And we need to conclude it. And getting all of these photographs out at one time is the way to do it.”
 Saxby Chambliss - “We haven't had time to calculate what the losses are,”
 Saxby Chambliss - “It's not that it was our time, but you can only go so long with so many bases and not be part of the process,”
 Terry Bliss - “And I guess next will be the garbage cowboy. We'll be doing this on random days, at random times with random haulers.”
 Tyler Chambliss - “This time, instead of not making a play they made it four times. It was awesome.”
 Rob Bliss - “It's been a roller-coaster ride all year, to be honest. At times, it seemed like we rolled and at times it looked like we were backing up. But the last four games were probably the best games we've played all year.”
 Saxby Chambliss - “I know my 48th Brigade has been through some difficult times, ... It's a tough job. It's a dangerous job. On behalf of all Americans I want to thank you.”
 Saxby Chambliss - “I don't know what Katrina is going to do to budget reconciliation overall, ... There's simply no way that we can carry out the agenda that we had in place at the end of July, that we thought we would be dealing with today, just because of Katrina.”
 Ann Bliss - “I really would like to spare people from all this. I just loved my dogs with my heart and soul. Tomorrow, I hope I will hurt a little less.”
 Richard Bliss - “He feels he has lost his career as a field tech, ... The charges are still pending. He cannot travel internationally. He feels he lost his whole career because he was falsely accused as a spy.”

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