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 Henry Blodget - “We also believe such controversy, if any, would come at a poor time for Microsoft, given that the company is awaiting the Appeals Court ruling on the existing antitrust trial. As a result, we believe it is possible that this could put a damper on the positive sentiment surrounding the stock.”
 Henry Blodget - “The company believes in one service with multiple devices...the proliferation of devices could actually be a demand driver for broadband due to the cost of additional phone lines.”
 Henry Blodget - “We do not expect significant upside to our estimates. As we have said before, we believe the company is going through an awkward transition from a hyper-growth, revenue momentum story to a long-term growth and earnings story. Despite its growing pains, we continue to believe long-term, patient investors will be rewarded.”
 Henry Blodget - “We think the Internet is tremendously profound. It will continue to have an effect on the global economy over the next five-to-10 years. But there's no way that it is a large enough opportunity to support the 400 companies that have gone public. And I think if you look back in history at different emerging industries, we've often had this feeling that the PCs for example are going to change the world. All you have to do is buy a PC company and you're safe. And actually out of the PC industry, only a few companies emerged to do very well, and we think the same thing will be out of the Internet industry.”
 Henry Blodget - “We also believe that some analysts are projecting that the company will miss the low end of the guidance range in Q3 and withdraw its goal of operating profitability in Q4. As a result, if the company hits the mid-point of the guidance range and reaffirms Q4 operating profitability, we would expect the stock to go up.”
 Henry Blodget - “We remain enthusiastic about eBay's business model and market leadership position.”
 Henry Blodget - “We believe there could be a shakeout in the B2C (business-to-consumer) online retailing sector as companies that have had to spend aggressively to gain new customers will be running out of money.”
 Henry Blodget - “The big question mark remains the long-term sustainable growth rate, especially with continued deceleration of U.S. business.”
 Henry Blodget - “While we still believe the model is compelling long term, the business continues to be heavily dependent on airline ticket sales. As a result, it appears management has limited visibility to accurately forecast the business.”
 Henry Blodget - “I could see Amazon and eBay merging. Amazon operates in a huge market, but it's got lower margin revenue. eBay has higher margin revenues, but the secondhand and small-business markets will always be limited relative to the size of the retail market. Combine the two, though, and that could be a very powerful entity.”
 Henry Blodget - “Every hour that the average user spends online, AOL pays for it directly, yet the average user only pays a flat rate of 21.95 a month. So if usage continues to go up, AOL's cost continues to increase and this is something they've started to control over the last several quarters.”
 Henry Blodget - “We believe AOL and Time Warner are in the final stages of gaining approval from U.S. and Europe regulatory commissions. We do expect any concessions that would materially impact future performance.”
 Henry Blodget - “We continue to think there is long-term upside potential for the stocks of the leading companies in the Internet sector. Although we acknowledge the potential for appreciation over the intermediate term, we strongly believe that volatility remains a significant risk over this same timeframe and we would stress the long term.”
 Henry Blodget - “Near-term, in a market environment in which investors are fleeing to quality, its stock could continue to do well. Our analysis, however, suggests that the company's long-term earnings growth is likely to be slower than the 15 percent to 20 percent consensus.”
 Henry Blodget - “Our estimate for fourth quarter product revenue is approximately 1 billion. To achieve our estimate, we believe Amazon has to book about 750 million in the eight week holiday season. Our back-of-the-envelope analysis of the Delight-O-Meter suggests it is off to a solid start.”
 Henry Blodget - “The sentiment surrounding the leading companies in the consumer Internet sector appears to be improving as we approach the seasonally strong fall and winter period. We continue to believe that some of the leading consumer advertising and e-commerce stocks -- America Online, Yahoo, and Amazon.com -- will benefit from this.”
 Henry Blodget - “The online advertising market appears to be stabilizing, but we believe it will continue to remain challenging for the foreseeable future.”
 Henry Blodget - “We continue to believe in the long-term growth of online advertising. Near-term, however, we don't believe the market will bottom until the first quarter. We estimate only single-digit year-over-year market growth in the first quarter.”
 Henry Blodget - “We expect the challenging environment for online advertising to continue into the second quarter 2001, three-to-six months longer than we had originally expected. Because of this, we are not able to raise our bottom line estimates.”
 Henry Blodget - “We continue to think some upside is possible to these estimates, despite weakness in the online advertising market. We are not looking for as much upside as in the past, however.”
 Henry Blodget - “We would therefore remain cautious about adding new money to online advertising-driven stocks until the first or second quarter, when we should have better visibility. We continue to believe that the first quarter will be the toughest quarter, with only 10 percent year-over-year growth.”
 Henry Blodget - “We continue to believe that the first quarter will be the toughest quarter for online advertising. We expect market growth of only 10 percent year-over-year. We believe growth will then accelerate modestly through the year.”
 Henry Blodget - “There continue to be three major growth drivers in the consumer sector traffic, advertising, and commerce. Traffic growth in the U.S. continues to slow, as more than 50 percent of the total market is already online. More importantly, we estimate that more than 80 percent of disposable income is already online.”
 Henry Blodget - “The majority of AOL's profits are derived from its pure advertising and commerce revenue, so strong sequential growth in this line is critical to the long-term growth story.”
 Henry Blodget - “We continue to believe Yahoo will make a good long-term investment. As a result of the challenging advertising environment, however, we believe the stock could see significant downside in the next three to six months.”

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