My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael R. Bloomberg - “We are totally color blind when it comes to crime fighting,”
 Michael R. Bloomberg - “I plan to ride my newly purchased bicycle down in the morning. I'm sure the media won't have any interest in covering that.”
 Michael R. Bloomberg - “A lot can happen in a week - just read any Bible, ... On the seventh day, Election Day, unlike the Bible, we can't rest.”
 Jason Bloomberg - “The insurance industry can benefit significantly from a comprehensive library of software resources. A service-oriented approach to providing access to library components is a flexible, cost-effective way to help organizations determine which components they may require to better manage their business.”
 Michael R. Bloomberg - “The cold harsh reality is that we have to balance the budget.”
 Michael R. Bloomberg - “What we're trying to do is to balance the requests of the families for being able to be alone with the outpouring of sympathy of people throughout New York, throughout the state, throughout the country, throughout the world, to come and to pay their respects to those who were lost,”
 Michael R. Bloomberg - “Last night was just a typical New York event. -- your average 750,000 people getting together on Wednesday night to enjoy themselves.”
 Michael R. Bloomberg - “I pointed out to them the severe economic impact on a city still recovering from the terrible tragedy of the September 11th attack, the financial hardships being experienced by those employed in this and related industries, and the disappointment of theater-goers from around the world that the strike was causing,”
 Michael R. Bloomberg - “This was a planned attack that had a specific time and target and method, ... It was the first really serious allegation of a direct attack on this city since 911.”
 Michael R. Bloomberg - “On the fourth anniversary of the Sept. 11th attack here in New York City, we plan to mark this solemn occasion by asking siblings to take the lead in this year's ceremony. In this small way, we acknowledge the special bonds they share with their beloved brothers and sisters who died that day,”
 Michael R. Bloomberg - “On the fourth anniversary ... we plan to mark this solemn occasion by asking siblings to take the lead,”
 Michael R. Bloomberg - “These four additions will help me, my successors, and all our 7,000 employees maintain the company's exacting standards and keep our products ahead of our customers' needs,”
 Michael R. Bloomberg - “I am encouraged that theater owners, producers and the musicians' union have taken the city up on its offer, and I am determined that they reach an agreement so Broadway can come back to life,”
 Michael R. Bloomberg - “We are going to have a situation where people are going to have to walk a long distance. They need to be careful, ... Our advice is to go home, open up your windows, drink a lot of liquids.”
 Michael R. Bloomberg - “Over the last few years as I have devoted increased time to public service and as our worldwide business has grown in complexity, the need to expand the range of advice provided by our board has become more evident,”
 Michael R. Bloomberg - “You want results, not rhetoric. You want action, not promises. You want independence, not machine politics.”

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