My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Bloomfield - “I think that a capital gains tax cut is very, very doable this year. The only question is not will there be a capital gains tax, but what will it look like.”
 Mark Bloomfield - “HR (human resource) books are very popular in India and are in great demand.”
 Mark Bloomfield - “A specific company or specific industry is looking at the immediate hit to their interest. What they're not looking at, and what's difficult for them to look at, is the perceived overall benefits of a tax plan to the economy as a whole.”
 Steve Bloomfield - “Specials have a real role to play in reducing crime and keeping the public safe and they are an important link between the police and the community. It increases our uniformed presence on the streets of London and when Specials aren't in uniform they are the eyes and ears on the ground.”
 Robert Bloomfield - “Love in a shower safe shelter took, In a rosy bower beside a brook, And winked and nodded with conscious pride, To his votaries drenched on the other side. Come hither, sweet maids, there's a bridge below, The toll-keeper, Hymen, will let you through. Come over the stream to me.”
 Robert Bloomfield - “Strange to the world, he wore a bashful look, The fields his study, Nature was his book.”
 Robert Bloomfield - “Strange to the world, he wore a bashful look, The fields his study, Nature was his book.”
 Steve Bloomfield - “Instead, the disorder itself takes control and the chemical changes in the body affect the brain and distort thinking. It becomes almost impossible for sufferers to make rational decisions about food.”
 Robert Bloomfield - “The significance of Darwin's ideas has grown, ... For example, at this moment we're looking at Asian bird flu and where it's going. If not for Darwinism, we would be ignorant of the mechanism of that flu and how it changes over time.”
 Robert Bloomfield - “The lessons of prudence have charms, And slighted, may lead to distress But the man whom benevolence warms Is an angel who lives but to bless.”
 Robert Bloomfield - “Proud crested Fiend, the World's worst foe, Ambition, canst thou boast one deed, hence no unsightly horrors flow, Nor private peace is seen to bleed”
 Steve Bloomfield - “There are times when weight gain slows down and speeds up. That's perfectly normal in teenagers. But it is definitely, absolutely a danger sign if a youngster is losing weight during adolescence.”