My Favorite Quotes
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 Willie Bloomquist - “Even if I win the job, I might not win it because it might not be the best thing for our team. But I think competition's good for the team and the individual if they take it the right way.”
 Willie Bloomquist - “You don't have time to think about things with something like that. It's just instinct. I saw the ball and just ran to a spot where I thought I had a shot at it.”
 Willie Bloomquist - “Do that a dozen more times.”
 Willie Bloomquist - “We were half a stride away today. Jose made a great play, but the guy just barely was safe.”
 Willie Bloomquist - “I'm ecstatic about getting a chance to play in Seattle two more years. On a personal level, it adds an extra year of job security, and for someone in my position that is huge at this point in my career.”
 Willie Bloomquist - “He said he was going to give me an opportunity to win a job there. But he also said that if I win it, it still may not be mine because that may not be what's best for our team. I understand the situation we're in.”
 Willie Bloomquist - “I never thought I'd see the day where there was less than 20,000. (Tuesday night) was the first time I've walked out for a game and gone, 'Wow.' It's a little odd being able to hear conversations with fans.”
 Willie Bloomquist - “He didn't miss with a whole lot after the first. You don't want to get him rolling. He can be tough. We had a little bit of a chance there to do some damage. You have to take advantage of those, because he's not going to give you many.”
 Willie Bloomquist - “My first instinct was the play it on a hop. But it hung up long enough for me to make a play on it.”
 Willie Bloomquist - “To have those two guys out there is a defensive player's dream.”
 Willie Bloomquist - “He was really a professional and he taught me a lot about the game that isn't written out anywhere. Just being around him taught me how to go about my business.”